1. Ankh

    How to set the attack speed value on swords to the default? (MMOITEM)

    Hi. I am trying to configure the swords with mmoitems and I have a problem, I cannot make the swords have the default attack speed, they come with an increased attack speed. Thanks a lot
  2. SociopathJeff

    MythicMobs - Disguise problem

    Hello everyone, although I have made all the settings correctly, disguise does not work on some mobs. ProtocolLib & Lib's Disguises both latest version. I'm using Paper 1.16.2 NOTE: Doesn't work properly in RandomSpawns. It comes up properly when I spawn it with the command.
  3. Sharkblack

    Problem using Miniaturepet with MythicMobs

    hello, I would like to know I use Miniature pept to make original mobs except that in the Anchor category I can not indicate some mobs that would have been useful for me for example the baby zombie. Is there a way to use all the mobs in the Anchor category of Mpet?
  4. F

    Skill Problem

    I have a problem whit a mob, I created a skill but it doesn't work, I don't know where is my error please help Mob: Astro: Type: HUSK Display: '&f&lA&3&ls&f&lt&3&lr&f&lo' Health: 6000 Damage: 11 Equipment: - DIAMOND_CHESTPLATE CHEST - DIAMOND_LEGGINGS LEGS - DIAMOND_BOOTS FEET...
  5. J

    Mob Throwing Axe Issues

    I was making a boss and was thinking about a skill where the boss threw a stone axe at the target, causing damage. I was doing some research to see if it was actually possible and came across a forum where an admin on the forums said that to make a boss throw an item like an axe I should combine...
  6. Jarana Sukroat

    Randomspawner will spawn mob is only night

    Hello Everyone. I have a problem.I want to create a minez server but my zombie will spawn only night but in day is not spawning.How to fix this :( This my Code ZombieNSpawn: Mobname: ZombieN Worlds: world Chance: 1 Priority: 1 SpawnMethod: replace Conditions: - outside true
  7. T

    No mobs are found, random spawner doesn't work. v4.3.2, spigot131.jar

    Howdy! I don't know why, but everytime I try to load a mob from the list (/mm m list), it always says "no mob found with [mob]'s name...I tried messing with where the mob files were, stuff like that...I really cant figure it out. Any ideas? My file structure looks like this...
  8. Zomblad

    Need help with configuring Tag Skills

    Hello. I was trying to create a skill that sends an announcement message about player entering a fight with a boss. I guess I have made a mistake somewhere, because this skill not works. Please, help needed. VanillaMobs: ELDER_GUARDIAN: Skills: - skill{s=ELDER_GUARDIAN_BATTLE_TAGGING}...
  9. M

    Skills Problem

    Hey! I have problem with mythicmobs.. Skills does not working ;-; This is console logs: [00:06:54 WARN]: [MythicMobs] Could not find AbstractSkill AngrySludgePoison [00:06:54 WARN]: [MythicMobs] Could not find AbstractSkill SummonSkeletons [00:06:54 WARN]: [MythicMobs] Could not find...
  10. K

    Drops not working

    When i add a custom drop it just dosen't drop it. Server version: 1.8.7 MythicMobs version: 4.1.0-SNAPSHOT CsontvázBoss: Type: SKELETON Display: '&cCsontváz Boss &a[LVL 1]&f&o' Health: 465 Damage: 12 Drops: - BossDia 1 1 Options: PreventOtherDrops: true KnockbackResistance...
  11. Darkraken

    Problem with Skill files

    Hello, it's me again :D, today i have a problem, for my own server i want to create a boss who spawn at least all 3 minutes but i have test a thing that create a skill file like that : and in the mob file :
  12. LuckyZeeRo

    Set owner problem

    Hi, I wanted to do some system, when mob dies - give reward to killer. But if mob dies on lava because of killer - @trigger is not a player and of course there is no reward. So I decided to set player owner of mob on attack end on death give reward to owner. But there is nothing :( Here is my...
  13. Imeguras

    Can i connect Mithical mobs with Factions

    I know the title shouldnt be in this "Folder" but i have a problem that im trying to solve here it is: I want a Wolf to allie with the player who spawn him and the allys from the Faction of the player(faction from the factions plugin not factions in this plugin) also it have to atack neutral and...
  14. 1

    Console Error

    Hello :) My name is 1Tomas11 and i have "small" problem. I'm creating skill with Timer ( Mm mobs 1.0.0 ) , but when i summon mob with this skill , my console is spamming error : [MythicMobs] Task #2 for MythicMobs 1.0.0 generated an exception Boss : - skill MraziveDuse ~onTimer:60 Skill...
  15. Lekmerison

    Scoreboard filled infinitely...

    Hello, (sorry in advance if there is bad english, I'm french, and i will not use google trad lol, so here is my english practice) MythicMobs is a really great plugin, but i have a big issue with the scoreboard feature... This plugin use objectives, as MythicMobLevel or MythicMobType. Here is my...
  16. C

    help MythicMobs won't work after 2.4.3 update + how to make mobs have block heads?

    Hello thank you for responding. First of all after I updated mythic mobs to 2.4.3 it stopped working, the server files still existed, the I typed /plugins Mythic Mobs showed up and everything seemed in order. However no mythic mobs commands work. The server simple does as if the commands didn't...