1. Samus2002

    Slime Pack 1.0

    The Slime Pack comes with 8 mobs and 1 boss. The mobs and boss from this pack are all slime species with various behaviors and skills. This pack contains: Slime (Mob) Frost Slime (Mob) Lava Slime (Mob) Healer Slime (Mob) Warrior Slime (Mob) Mage Slime (Mob) Winged Slime (Mob) Triple Slime...
  2. Samus2002

    RPG Monster Series | Howling Nether 1.0

    Want to add more life to your Nether world? Add 7 custom monsters and 1 boss to your game! This pack contains: Lava Mite Nether Mushroom Lava Piranha Fire Imp Dark Imp Lost Soul Hellhound Blaze King (Boss) 15 custom sound effects Emissive skill textures for Optifine Resource pack included...
  3. Samus2002

    RPG Monster Series | Dark Forest 1.0

    Tired of fighting zombies and skeletons? Add 10 custom monsters to your game! This pack contains: Snail Plant Monster Kobold Warrior Kobold Archer Mimic Stone Minion Stone Golem Wraith Salamander Lava Salamander 18 custom sound effects Emissive skill textures for Optifine Resource pack...
  4. Nocsy

    Ghoul Pack - By Nocsy 2022-10-16

    This pack includes : 4 minions Ghoul Doghoul (+ MCPets config): acid projectiles Ghost: rush attack Slender: creepy attacks The Gravekeeper (boss) Throw ghouls Swirl attack (AOE) Smash attack Pierce attack Summon of the undeads 2 tombstones Comes with a trigger version that...
  5. Nocsy

    Boss pack - The Algarok 1.0

    The Algarok – Boss pack Trailer/Showcase of the boss available here : This pack includes : The Algarok model, as well as the enraged version The plasma orbs summoned by the Algarok 7 skills for the Algarok (a simple bite, a body slam, a tail slam summoning orbs, a random charge, an...
  6. Nocsy

    Alchemist bosspack [ModelEngine] 1.0

    This pack includes : Homonculus : flying mobs that will chase the player down Deadly clouds : little particle of clouds that shoot a powerful spell to the player The alchemist Zvarikia with : 4 différent potion splashes effect skills, a repulsion skill, a summoning skill of homonculus and...