1. Biguelendes

    [SUPREME BOSS] The Fallen Devastator 2022-11-12

    The #1 best seller pack returns with one of the most stunning bossfights ever! The Fallen devastator, an incredibly fast and brutal magician-soldier, comes from the land of shadows to bring terror to our realms! Designed with a very advanced AI, ornamented with gorgeous visual...
  2. Biancah

    Medieval Stone Weapons 2022-05-23

    A Pack of 11 Medieval Stone Themed Models. This pack contains: 5 Melee Weapons (Sword, Long Sword, Quarterstaff, Dagger, War Axe) 1 Shield 1 Bow 1 Wand 1 Garden Fork Tool 1 Brush 1 Wooden Key Attention: The file comes in .ZIP containing 15 Json and 11 Textures. (11 Models in Total) the...
  3. TheLaoming

    . 1.0

  4. A

    Medieval Note Sound Pack 1.0

    Replace the note block sounds in your server resource pack, then play NBS songs through plugins so the songs don’t take up space in the resource pack. Includes: – Resource pack that replaces default note block sounds (also playable as custom sounds) – 3 Loop-able NBS tracks that you can play in...
  5. V

    [MythicMobs] Vaskel's 110 Mobs Bundle (SALE) 1.0

    ❖ 110 Mobs Bundle ❖ • Say hello to a whole new variety of mobs! • The 110 Mobs Bundle is a bundle of MythicMobs which contains 110 Mobs in total • If you’re looking for something to spice up your Minecraft worlds, then this is it. This Bundle includes • Mobs that are classified into 11...
  6. TheLaoming

    . 1.1