1. Samus2002

    Icebound Pack 1.0

    The Icebound Pack comes with 3 mobs and 1 boss. The mobs and boss from this pack are all ice species with various behaviors and skills. This pack contains: Aurorafowl (Mob) Cryonic Crab (Mob) Permafrost Sentinel (Mob) Arctic Colossus (Boss) Ice Crystal (Skill VFX) Instruction on how to install...
  2. Kapitan_787

    Water Ice pack - 4 custom water-themed skills 1.0

    Water-Ice pack This pack contains: - 1 item MythicCrucible with 4 different water themed skills - Unique skill effect animation - Well-chosen sounds on each skill - Damage in skills and other values can be easily edited for yourself. - As a nice bonus, you will receive support from me in case...
  3. Nocsy

    The Icebreaker - Boss pack 2021-11-29

    This pack includes : The Icebreaker : 8 animations 7 different attacks (melee attack, ice bombs, peak shockwave, winter breath, impressive roar, summon, last stand move) Several sounds made from Minecraft Vanilla with pitch editing (ambient, attacks) Ice-Chibi (the little ice golems) : 4...
  4. ikanataa

    Ice Shards 1.0

    Ice Shard skills for MMOCORE and MythicMobs
  5. ikanataa

    Fire and Ice Mage 1.0

    The best of Classes! Fire and Ice mage contains more of 20+ skills !
  6. xlsalvolx

    ♨️❄️ FireFrost pack ❄️♨️ 1.26

    Hello again! This time i bring to you a pack of ice and fire. If the buy link doesn't work click here! This is a unique MythicMobs+MythicCrucible pack, fully working and tested for every minecraft versions since 1.12.2 (You will find a different version for each minecraft version). You can...
  7. Techno Panda

    Reapers Fire & Ice 0.3

    Alright so this is from what i have been working on sense i found Mythic mobs I am not the greats or the cleanest in the code sorry but i hope you all enjoy it :D Whats in the pack: Well lets see we got 4 fire mobs and 4 Ice mobs. (1 extra ice because a mount) Questions: if you have any...