1. UiDisinger771

    ✨CorePackV2 (Cosmetics) ✨ +19 all Models⚡(30% OFF)⚡ 3D ⚡Decoration✅ 1.6

    What does this 3D models pack include? QUESTIONS MY DISCORD! This 3D models pack contains +18 models made in blockbench and textures used by minecraft vanilla, some of them customized. (Features) ✓ They are delivered to you in zip format. ✓ Each model in the zip is in .json for editing. ✓...
  2. Chi_Bot

    Custom player heads as mob

    Hey, is it possible to make Custom player heads as a mob? example: Custom head with the skin of a bee that flies around. I want to make my server challenging and fun so i would like to use custom heads as a mob. For choosing the right skin i would spawn in a custom head and type in a command...
  3. O

    [PLEASE HELP] Head don't take player skin on mobs !

    Hello ! I write this post because i have found a ... error / bug that i can not explain :/ In fact I have create an item like a mask of Bandit: And i have assign it to a bandit (logique ;) ) And in minecraft I can not see the mask on my mobs but only a alex head / steve Head .... I took a...
  4. Eternirya

    [Tutorial] How to make a custom head mob

    Requires: Lib's Disguises Server version >= 1.9 Warning: Using some plugins that change mob name like HealthBar can make glitch ! Do you want to create a turtle that swimming underwater, or a bee that flying in the forest ? try watching my video (turn off the volume ) Step 1...
  5. C

    help MythicMobs won't work after 2.4.3 update + how to make mobs have block heads?

    Hello thank you for responding. First of all after I updated mythic mobs to 2.4.3 it stopped working, the server files still existed, the I typed /plugins Mythic Mobs showed up and everything seemed in order. However no mythic mobs commands work. The server simple does as if the commands didn't...