1. D

    Mythiclib doesn't works

    Hi everyone Yesterday I bought MMOCore for my server, but when I installed MythicLib It doesn't works, can anyone help me?
  2. S

    Spawner not working and spamming errors to console

    I am having an issue with when I create a mob, I can manually spawn the mob in, and it is working as far as I can tell but when I try to create a spawner, it doesn't work, and the console is spammed with limitless errors. Here's a pastebin of the errors being spammed...
  3. D

    Please Help, Having problem with Items

    Can Someone please help me fix my problem with custom items? At first, all the default custom items worked, then I copied the skeletonCrown and pasted it below to make a new item using it as a guide. After making the item it stopped working. Now, none of the custom items work. After looking in...
  4. P

    Error messages in the console

    Hello, maybe someone knows the problem and can help me with it. This error message is spammed into my console: [15:56:48] [lumine-scheduler-16/ERROR]: [MythicMobs] [31m[SCHEDULER] Exception thrown whilst executing task[37m [15:56:48] [lumine-scheduler-16/WARN]...
  5. I

    [FIXED] All required lists must have the same number of entries!

    I started to use MythicMobs few days ago and make few Quest npc's successfully but when i am trying to add item to Deliver item to NPC it gives me this error " All required lists must have the same number of entries! " anyone know's how to fix it ? thanks in advance.
  6. KmK

    Problem with Drop MMOItems/MythicMobs

    I added this to ExampleDropTables.yml in MythicMobs plugin TEST: Conditions: - playerwithin 40 Drops: - mmoitems{type=ARMOR;id=TEST;unidentified=30} 1 0.9 To MythicMobs and i have this error in console: [MythicMobs] ✗ Config Error for Drop 'mmoitems{type=ARMOR;id=TEST;unidentified=30}...
  7. GTBelo

    Mythic Mobs and Miniature Pets

    Hi, I'm trying to use Mythic Mobs and Miniature Pets on my 1.8.8 server. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to :(. This error occurs on my console: 17.01 18:06:48 [Server] WARN ✗ Config Error for Mob 'Monkey' in 'ExampleMobs.yml': Mob type may not be supported on this version of Minecraft...
  8. I

    Spaming Error On the Console. Mythicmobs Wel that error extend to... well a lot.
  9. N

    Console error

    delete this please bad section sorry
  10. Promsith Tapuang

    Error: Could not pass event MythicMobDeathEvent to MyItems v6.4.4

    I use mythic mobs as free version but i use Myitems as Premium Version Can anyone help me with this error? [20:42:44] [Server thread/ERROR]: Could not pass event MythicMobDeathEvent to MyItems v6.4.4 org.bukkit.event.EventException: null at...
  11. Blazingshadow17

    randomskill mechanic

    Error: Skills Config: Please help, I really need this to work, it worked in 1.12.2, but not in 1.13.2, no idea what is wrong. Thanks!
  12. B

    Could not deserialize object in MythicMobs 4.5.5

    Error Log: [Why hastebin link can't posted] That error occured spam in console. I updated from MythicMobs 4.5.1 to 4.5.5. How to fix that? Sorry for my bad English.
  13. B

    Items are not getting!

    Installed MythicMobs after entering the command / mm items get object, produces an error Loggs:
  14. H

    I'm getting a weird error...

    Hey, I'm trying to give my boss some cool skills, but I keep getting this error log.... java.lang.NullPointerException at io.lumine.xikage.mythicmobs.skills.mechanics.MessageSkill.<init>( at...
  15. L

    Server Warnings on Load

    [13:58:29 WARN]: [MythicMobs] WARNING: HashCode collision detected when loading mobs. [13:58:29 WARN]: [MythicMobs] Mob 1 Hash: 74738863 Type: RScytheLord [13:58:29 WARN]: [MythicMobs] Mob 2 Hash: 74738863 Type: RScytheLord [13:58:29 WARN]: [MythicMobs] We recommend changing one of these mobs'...
  16. GeMini

    Custom Biome Interference with Random Spawners?

    I don't know why, but randomly 4 days ago, my random spawners stopped working. They were working with Biome Bundle for the past month, but now they suddenly stopped working. Why is that? Error: 01.04 16:40:28 [Server] WARN [MythicMobs] Task #1016 for MythicMobs v4.3.1-SNAPSHOT generated an...
  17. pinkpig3777

    Console Error

    Due to lack of responses/help, I switched the post to Spigot. Feel free to respond. Please note that the Spigot post is updated, this one is not. click me for link. After killing a Fire Mage I get this error: and it doesn't do the command it should to give me an...
  18. J

    Mythic mobs wont drop EXP

    So only 1 of my mobs wont drop EXP but drops all the other items so I know it works. Here is the config for it: SupremeHerobrine: Type: PIG_ZOMBIE Display: '&cHerobrine' Health: 50 Damage: 15 KillMessages: - ' had their soul completely devoured by the &cSupreme Herobrine' Options...
  19. pinkpig3777

    /mm eggs get Pirate_1 causes internal error

    [Solved] When I try to do /mm eggs get Pirate_1 it causes an interal error. But when I try to do /mm mob spawn Pirate_1, it works fine. I'm using a plugin called BossSkin which allows me to use player skins without needing a player to have the skin currently for it to work. I know BossSkin...

    [Solved] My RandomSpawn is error

    So i was creating randomspawns for my server. and when i update the mythic mobs to the latest version. and then suddenly when i do /mm r (to reload) i get this error and i find out that the .yml file in the randomspawn is making the error do anyone know whats wrong in this file? File ->...