1. S

    Spawner not working and spamming errors to console

    I am having an issue with when I create a mob, I can manually spawn the mob in, and it is working as far as I can tell but when I try to create a spawner, it doesn't work, and the console is spammed with limitless errors. Here's a pastebin of the errors being spammed...
  2. I

    Spaming Error On the Console. Mythicmobs Wel that error extend to... well a lot.
  3. pinkpig3777

    Console Error

    Due to lack of responses/help, I switched the post to Spigot. Feel free to respond. Please note that the Spigot post is updated, this one is not. click me for link. After killing a Fire Mage I get this error: and it doesn't do the command it should to give me an...
  4. pinkpig3777

    /mm eggs get Pirate_1 causes internal error

    [Solved] When I try to do /mm eggs get Pirate_1 it causes an interal error. But when I try to do /mm mob spawn Pirate_1, it works fine. I'm using a plugin called BossSkin which allows me to use player skins without needing a player to have the skin currently for it to work. I know BossSkin...
  5. Kuroyabumozu

    How to fix thoese noise msg spamming on my console...?

    as title... and look this when this mob spawned this msg will spam again. and here's my mob file, I've tried "skeleton_horse", "SKELETON_HORSE", but still not works and the mob spawn as normal KKK: Type: Skeleton Health: 80 Armor: 20 Damage: 2...
  6. pinkpig3777

    MythicMobs Console Error

    Update: It appears to be solved.. On it's own.. I keep getting this error as of today and I'm not sure what's causing it. Please let me know how I can fix this. Thank you!
  7. pinkpig3777

    Skeleton King Issues - Items not dropping on death & console error

    [Solved] I tried to spawn 20 skeleton king eggs because the skeleton king hasn't been dropping items on death which is the first issue. Then it spammed this error in console: So 2 problems. 1. How can I fix it so the Skeleton King will have a 35% chance to drop 3...
  8. pinkpig3777

    Help please! Error in console every few minutes

    Every few minutes this message will spam my console. I don't know what's wrong. Any idea?
  9. 1

    Console Error

    Hello :) My name is 1Tomas11 and i have "small" problem. I'm creating skill with Timer ( Mm mobs 1.0.0 ) , but when i summon mob with this skill , my console is spamming error : [MythicMobs] Task #2 for MythicMobs 1.0.0 generated an exception Boss : - skill MraziveDuse ~onTimer:60 Skill...