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Katana - Yakedoyoku ⊹ Go slaying Devils!

Katana - Yakedoyoku ⊹ Go slaying Devils! 2022-12-19

I wish I would have gathered info before buying. Some questions I have are as stated below:
1. Do I need Optifine or Iris to run the texture pack.
2. Does this texture pack work with minecraft java version 1.19.3
3. How do I get the textures to actually work.
4. How do I change the sword (like diamond, wood, etc.) to show the katana texture.
5. Do i need to create any additional folders for the pack to work.
You can learn how to use CustomModelData to build your own resource pack from my blog post.

If you can't learn how to configure resource pack yourself, I suggest you use ItemsAdder!
[Another similar plugin is called "Oraxen", they have similar functions, but also have their own characteristics, it is recommended to refer to them.]

It has extremely convenient functions that can complete most of the configuration for you, and even encrypt and protect your important resources for you.

If you don't want to implement the above methods, I suggest that you can directly ask me for assistance. You can contact me through Discord or E-mail.
As soon as I saw it I was impressed I bought it 1 day all random I said this is nice the next day it has AI support I loved this addition no doubt a great change and a great 3D model.
Thank you for your purchase, because of everyone's support, I can used more plugins, so that I can bring more kinds of updates~ (ゝ∀・)b