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Fixed `relative` option in VelocityMechanic. Now acts similar to projectileVelocity.
Build 4764 ·
Fixed attack damage applying attack speed instead

Have stats be disabled by default in stats.yml

More item editor stuff

More item editor stuff

Merge branch 'master' of
Build 4763 ·
fix attack_damage stat

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
Build 4762 ·
Cleaned up and added a few things to the item editor

Added stat editing to the item editor

Update to latest Crucible version
Build 4761 ·
Fixed multiple of the same stat on the same item causing them to not being removed
Build 4760 ·
Fixed some stats not applying when a player first logs in
Build 4759 ·
Fixed stat cached value not being set to base value on initialization
Build 4758 ·
Make sure it always applies stats with nonzero base values

Improved getStats utility command

Added `AlwaysActive` config option to stats

Added `ATTACK_DAMAGE` vanilla stat

Merge branch 'master' of
Build 4757 ·
im big dumb
Build 4756 ·
Build 4755 ·
`materialIsOnCooldown` condition, aliases `materialCooldown`, `matCooldown`

arguments `material` / `mat` / `m`, defaults to enderpearl

true if material type is on cooldown for the player, false otherwise
Build 4754 ·
Updated to latest LumineUtils

Fixed NPE with certain stats when value is zero

Fixed DamageModifier stat trying to modify a damage type even if it isn't present
Build 4753 ·
Fixed SwitchMechanic not working for some conditions. closes #846 #1322
Build 4752 ·
Allow HasOffhandCondition to check for other living targets instead of only players
Build 4751 ·
Fixed an issue with NearbyAudience closes #1321
Build 4750 ·
Added `/mm m kill -f [faction]` flag to kill command closes #686
Build 4749 ·
Fixed EjectPassengerMechanic being called async closes #997
Build 4748 ·
Changed default particle effect audience from `world` to `nearby` closes #424
Build 4747 ·
Added `CancelSkill` mechanic (aliases: "cancel", "return")

- message{m="hello"} @server
- cancel ?isMonster #cancels the rest of the skill from executing
- message{m="bye"} @server

closes #957
Build 4746 ·
Fixed `CAST` condition action executing multiple times closes #1274
Build 4745 ·
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    Oct 1, 2019
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