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Move Item Updater options to `ItemUpdater.Version` and `ItemUpdater.PreserveStatRatio` to allow for more options.

Default value for version if not set is now 0, for the starting point and what's also considered "not versioned"
Build 4997 ·
Added config options for item stats
Build 4996 ·
Added config options for item stats
Build 4995 ·
Added more debugging information when a LibsDisguises disguise throws an error

Added some API stuff for item updating
Build 4994 ·
Added placeholder support to @Pin targeter
Build 4993 ·
Fixed recursive issue with cancelevent
Build 4992 ·
Fixed some loading bugs introduced with the change to default lowercase folder names

Fixed some spawner command bugs
Build 4991 ·
Added tab completion for spawners set command
Build 4990 ·
Fixed spawner copying not copying the spawner's group
Build 4989 ·
`+` Added all the new fancy drop effects for vanilla items

Added all the new fancy drop effects for MMOItems items

`+` Fixed mmoitems drops throwing an error on recent versions
Build 4988 ·
Added nested variable support to

`+` Maybe fixed placeholder?

`+` Added way to use the trigger's stats in DamageModifier stats

`+` Fixed bug in phatloots support

`+` Fixed AnimateArmorStand not working on newer versions
Build 4987 ·
Fixed exit aura spelling
Build 4986 ·
add `MobDrops.DefaultLeaderboardTimeout` (default 6000) to the mobs config
Build 4985 ·
add `DropOptions.HologramTimeout` (default 6000) to the mob
Build 4984 ·
- Added Parent stats and capabilities for DamageModifier stat types
- Allow damage modifiers to use `DamageType: ALL` to modify the final total damage of the skill
Build 4983 ·
fix complex stat initialization with formulas and ordering problems
Build 4982 ·
version bump

Fixed NPE in ActiveInfo utility command

Changed PaperSpigot to Paper everywhere to reflect the correct name

Added new HEARING ability to mobs enabled by `Hearing.Enabled: true`. Requires 1.20+
- Turning this on enables the new `~onHear` trigger which listens for sounds in the same way the warden does
- The origin will be the origin of the sound, while the trigger is the entity that ultimately caused the sound
- Also passed `` float value between 1 and 15 representing the intensity of the sound (1=quiet footstep, 15=explosion)
Build 4981 ·
Allow placeholder on projectile vertical radius
Build 4980 ·
Only a slight mistake
Build 4979 ·
Fixed vector rotation calculation

Attempting to fix 7 years of wrong vector without breaking anything.
Build 4978 ·
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    Oct 1, 2019
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