MythicEnchants Dev Builds

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Fixed/polished some commands and perms
Build 208 ·
Added beta enchanting table support, requires latest MythicLib
(documentation in progress)
Build 207 ·
updated for MythicMobs 5.0
Build 206 ·
Added enchantment rarities
Build 205 ·
Fixed loading error.
Build 204 ·
Added "Ender" enchantment. Lets you act like an enderman when hit. This is just V1 of the very first premade enchant, leave suggestions for us in a ticket or on the gitlab for enchants!

Don'r forget you can also make your own enchants with mythicmobs.. the premade ones are just to get you started.
Build 203 ·
Fixed NPE when player logs off
Build 202 ·