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Merged changes from development branch:


- Multiple bugs stemming from issues with Enchantment Unregistration fixed (including config reload update issues with vanilla enchantment properties)
- onEquip and onUnEquip events now trigger correctly
- Grindstone Event Errors addressed
- RGB colours utilized for enchantment display names are now correctly supported within Anvil mechanics.

**New Condition:**

- isTriggeringArmor: a condition for Enchantments with skills triggered by onEquip or onUnEquip. Condition checks to see if the skill's enchantment is directly applied to the item being equipped / unequipped, i.e. Only the armor piece being removed will trigger, even if the player is wearing other armor pieces that have the same enchantment.
Build 237 ·
Experimental rework of the way the functions, trying to remove direct functionality calls from and centralise said functionality within the manager instead.

Main way this has been done is through the privatisation of several methods within and the refactoring of MythicEnchant.applyToItem into EnchantManager.applyToItem.

In addition the instance had to be injected into and respectively.

The scope of this rework is to see if a more centralised management of enchantment functionality will lead to easier fixing of outlying bugs / issues.

Add debug messages for (un)equip triggers

- Refactored MythicEnchant.register to EnchantManager.register.

- Added check for if the enchantment already exists, if it does, it removes the currently registered Enchantment byKey and byName (This change needs to be monitored closely going forward as its at the upper limits of acceptable reflection).

- Removed register call from constructor of and, and then placed call to EnchantManager.register within their respective initialisation methods.

Merge branch 'bugfix-armorequip_triggers' into 'development'

Add debug messages for (un)equip triggers

See merge request mythiccraft/mythicenchants!11
Merge branch 'feature-reworked_enchantmentManager' into 'development'

Experimental rework of the way the functions, trying to...

See merge request mythiccraft/mythicenchants!12
- Fixed checks in CustomSkillManager.onArmorEquip and SpigotEnchantListener.load

- Fixed to follow normal Mythic nomenclature for slots

Minor correction to and fixes

Merge branch 'bugfix-unequip_armor_bug' into 'development'

- Fixed checks in CustomSkillManager.onArmorEquip and SpigotEnchantListener.load

See merge request mythiccraft/mythicenchants!13
-Addition of, a condition that ensures only the armor piece that triggered the enchantment will run its respective skill. (Used for onArmorEquip/UnEquipEvents).

- Registering of within

Merge branch 'feature-is_triggering_armor' into 'development'

-Addition of, a condition that ensures only the armor...

See merge request mythiccraft/mythicenchants!14
-Documentation of

Updated pom.xml to 0.1-SNAPSHOT

Merge branch 'development' into 'master'

Version 0.1 - SNAPSHOT

See merge request mythiccraft/mythicenchants!15
Build 236 ·
Merged changes from development branch:

**Bug fixes:**

- Enchantment internal names no longer need to be capitalised
- Base Mythic Items with pre applied Mythic Enchantments now correctly show Enchantment Lore.
- Reloading now correctly changes the physical properties (such as Enchantment Lore) correctly. (Note older items will still retain their old lore, but newly generated items will have the newly defined properties assigned).
- Enchantment lore no longer added below general item lore.

**Known issues:**
- onEquip and onUnequip triggering on multiple Armor Pieces (ETA for fix: Saturday)
- enchantLevel conditions counting the enchantment level total of every piece of armor worn. For example: if 4 armor pieces of Venomous 1, the condition would count the enchantLevel as = 4. (ETA for fix: Saturday)

Shoutout to @cendi for making us aware of these bugs. It's because of dedicated community members like you that we can uphold the exceptional standards we've set for the Mythic Plugins. Your contribution is invaluable. 🙏
Build 235 ·
Merge branch 'master' into 'development'

Merged changes from development branch:

See merge request mythiccraft/mythicenchants!8
- Removed .toUpperCase for various propertyNode identifiers from ,,

- Added debug option to to more easily debug NPA's in the future.

- Added upper case check to propertyNode in EnchantManager.registerStatic

- Added check for MythicApplyEnchantEvent within, but bug where enchantment lore is put underneath the main lore of an item found. But is likely an issue with the LumineUtils ItemFactory class.

Refactoring of CustomSkillManager.onArmorEquip

Added clear method calls to EnchantManager.unload for the following fields:

- EnchantManager.enchantments

- EnchantManager.enchantmentsDisplay

Added check to MythicEnchant.register to ensure that the IllegalArgumentException isn't just caused by a reattempted enchantment registration (Bukkit in their infinite wisdom never though to add an unregister method lmao)

Removed log from and replaced with MythicLogger.debug call.

Added MythicLogger.debug calls to in preparation for cleaning of the class in future.

- Updated Mythic-Dist to version 5.4.4

- Updated EnchantmentTableHandler.prepareEnchants with Numbers.clamp (to replace Numbers.minMax)

- Added ItemFactory.prependLore method (from Mythic-Dist 5.4.4) to MythicEnchant.applyToItem (fixing bug where enchant lore would go below lore lines).

Merge branch 'bugfix-cendi_tickets' into 'development'

- Removed .toUpperCase for various propertyNode identifiers from...

See merge request mythiccraft/mythicenchants!9
Bug fixes tested and confirmed to be resolved for #23, #31, # 33 and #34. Ready for master merge.

Merge branch 'development' into 'master'

Bug Fixes for Master

See merge request mythiccraft/mythicenchants!10
Build 234 ·
Merged changes from development branch:

**QoL & Fixes:**

- Fixing of Enchanting Table Mechanics
- Polishing of Grindstone Mechanics (there's a joke in there somewhere lol)
- Ender Enchantment Config File now loading correctly upon Enable (requires deletion of Ender enchantment config)
- Double Enchantment Load fixed.
- Duplication of Enchantment Lore upon Enchantment attempt on Item with 1 Mythic Enchant or More present fixed.

**New Features:**

- Enchanted Loot: Any chest based randomly generated loot has the chance of having one of its items (if applicable) to be randomly enchanted with a Mythic Enchant (With intentions in the future to allow custom loot tables to be implemented, to allow more items that are enchantable to be added to loot tables)

- Villager Trading: The base functionality of Villager Trading has been added, with a base percentile chance of a villager (per profession and rarity, as defined within the rarities.yml) being able to generate an enchanted item as part of it's trades (With intentions in the future to allow customisation of Enchantment Level & Trades per day limits, along with percentile chances, determined by the Villager's current xp level.
Build 233 ·
Removed debug logging
Build 232 ·
Fixed triggers on new event bus not firing
Build 231 ·
Added L variable with math to use level in stat enchants.

How to create an enchant that gives stats (for that hottie LCorp wiki man):
For _all_ plugin configs, operations are `ADDITIVE`, `ADDITIVE_MULTIPLIER`, `COMPOUND_MULTIPLIER` or `SETTER`
Build 230 ·
- Updated to use Mythic player profiles for more consistency with skills
- Added support for custom enchantments that give stats
- Load custom enchantments from `Enchantments` folder in Mythic packs
- Some Refactoring
Build 229 ·
Updated against latest MM dev builds
Build 228 ·