Crucible Dev Builds

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ndex.php?pages/official-mythiccrucible-dev/) Kicking build bot
Build 3581 ·
ndex.php?pages/dev-mythiccrucible/) kick kick kick
Build 3575 ·
ndex.php?pages/dev-mythiccrucible/) Added new EmptySkill for Ammo enabled items. Using

Enabled: TRUE
Bullet: RPGRocket
ClipSize: 1
EmptySkill: OutOfAmmoRPG

Would use the "OutOfAmmoRPG" skill when attempting to fire when out of ammo.
Build 3572 ·
ndex.php?pages/dev-mythiccrucible/) Fixed timer skills running with power=0
Build 3546 ·
ndex.php?pages/dev-mythiccrucible/) Fixed projectile bullets requiring a reload before working
Build 3543 ·
ndex.php?pages/dev-mythiccrucible/) Removed debugging messages
Build 3513 ·