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    $20 Market Survey Form Giveaway

    Hey there you lovely forum user of the MythicMob's rather dead forums. You stumbled upon an opportunity that pertains to you! I'm holding a giveaway of the following prizes if you fill out this google form of mine! It's about a wicked cool program thats being made at the time of this post and...
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    Got Questions? Fill out my Google form

    720p HD Quality! HAh. This video is about a workaround to PreventSlimeSplit option if its bugged.
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    Got Questions? Fill out my Google form

    First video tackling "Simulated Wind" Currently as unlisted due to the quality staying at 480p, I expect youtube to sometime make it 720p at the very least but yeah there you all go.
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    Prevent non-Mythic-Mobs to spawn

    Consider looking to the manual for something to make the mob not visible during those annoying few ticks. There's many options to go about this. I'm also finishing up putting up a video about answering a question of MM from someone who filled out my form. You may want to fill it out with all the...
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    Prevent non-Mythic-Mobs to spawn

    If you wish to do that via MythicMobs, theres the VanillaMobs.yml that you can edit to achieve what you want. If you have worldguard, I believe you can turn off mob-spawning. Not sure if this will affect your MythicMob RPGChicken's spawning however.
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    Got Questions? Fill out my Google form

    Go fill out my google form to ask any and all questions you have about MythicMobs. Note that I plan to make a video to compile as many answers as I can to your questions. There is also another huge note that I do NOT plan to spoon feed you code! I will instead attempt to facilitate your path...
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    Hiring Paid Looking for A small team of mob creators

    20 cents per KB of MM Data... not sure if that is a valid or fair way to pay. I charge per mob or difficulty of commission. Contact my discord if you'd like to discuss: ⚡ zDrakon ⚡#4392
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    Verified Issue MiniaturePet not working

    This has been confirmed, Anchor for whatever reason isn't working in MythicMobs. I tried in 4.3.0 doesn't work.
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    Looking For Work (Paid) Keep it simple

    I'm zDrakon, one of the earliest public faces of MythicMobs. Some people thought I was the developer of this great plugin, never have I claimed such a thing. Of course I'm still learning MythicMob's new features, but why the hell not make this thread? I value my time, so don't lowball me. All...
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    Livestream Event w/ zDrakon

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    Livestream Event w/ zDrakon

    How would all like to participate in seeing me code up & answer questions for you all with me coding up some yml files and what not? Maybe showcase my bosses if I'm feeling like it. Idk you tell me, would you like me to livestream and crap?
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    The Fallen King

    Made for @Neferux
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    Resolved Sideoffset = 0, Forward offset also = 0

    So for whatever reason, if you have a config that says Skills: - e:p{p=flame;a=4;vS=0.1;hS=0.1;fo=4;so=0;yOffset=1} @self It won't move the particle forward at all. It just stays in a vertical position, only offseting by 1 on the Y axis. However, if you do so=1 in that, you suddenly see the...
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    Giant AI not working

    Missing dashes behind those 0's 1's and 2's under AIGoalSelectors and AITargetSelectors.
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    startFOffset & NoAI does not work

    Server version: 1.11 MythicMobs version: 2108 build of MythicMobs snapshots 4.1.0 Description: NoAI does not work on an enderdragon that has this config, I did not test for a plain enderdragon with no skills. TestDragon: Mobtype: enderdragon Health: 500 Display: 'test' Options...