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    BonusLevelItems Bug

    CAn confirm that I cant get any more EXP from Bonus Level Items. Can someone confirm how to grant more exp for mob levels?
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    Hiring Paid Looking to get a Rift / Event encounter scripted

    I'm looking to find an advanced MythicMobs scripter that can create the below encounter. I don't think this would take too long but really wanting to get it done fast.
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    The ancient blade master -Iniera-

    Tutorial? psh, more like download!
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    Resolved Bug: 4.4 broken Heroes death event?

    Enter a brief description of what is broken 4.4 broken Heroes death event? What version of Minecraft are you using? 1.12 What server jar are you using? Spigot What is this a bug report for? MythicMobs What version of the plugin are you using? 4.4 Describe the bug. Be as specific as...
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    [Library] Vanilla item core

    Download link = broke
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    Hiring Paid Dungeoneer Scripter

    Wanting to revamp 10 dungeons, could use some assistance - you'll be building off a previous system. Payment is up in the air, but we'll talk about whats acceptable The goal is to have 10 ultrabosses (one for each dungeon) Let me know!
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    RandomSpawning not functioning in WG?

    First off, Reading the wiki i see very conflicting reports on what to put in the fields. I have tried ADD and REPLACE with no avail. I am 100% sure vanilla mobs are spawning and the config options are set to true for randomspawn points. WG also allow plugin mob spawning. Anyoneknow why this...
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    Longlasting issue with mobs death

    Not sure if I've seen this issue. @xikage - thoughts?
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    Heroes Skills and MM (Some errors)

    MM 4.1.0 Spigot = 1.11.2 Heroes = 1.8.9+
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    MythicMobs: Quests Add-On (UPDATED FOR v2.4.0)

    This doesnt work. Config example > Console > @xikage Wouldn't it be insanely easier to actually just go off the DISPLAY NAME of the mob that died instead of tying in this support to MM directly? This issue should be resolved in Quests to...
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    Healthbars not working?

    Yeah... very odd, is there any setting in config.yml maybe I missed to use healthbars? Are you using Heroes?
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    How to use New Feature 'Healthbars' and 'NamePlates'

    yeah, I tested it under a zombie and it didnt show up.