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    Very interesting way of solving it. Pretty clever. It's happening to me with a monster too and this will be very usefull :D
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    -=- Making your mobs even more awesome! -=-

    They look pretty cool Versauce. Good job!!
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    Please make an update for Minecraft version 1.11.2

    Why don't instead of donate 20 usd support the author here: protip: Dev builds are 1.11 compatible
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    Don't working item options help pls

    I wanna believe there's a world where people read manuals...
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    【Resourcepacks!】Make MythicMobs look awesome

    Preeeeety cool!!! *___* I like it so much
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    Playerhead wearable just like a helmet?

    There is a plugin to allpw players yo wear anything as a helmet without commands. I have it in zu online. Buuut i dont remember the name xD im not at home so i cant look for it. Anyway if you use google you will find it :P
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    Want to make an ice wizard need some advice

    Use block mask mechanic. Read the manual. And remember a wizard should pewpewpewww the enemies
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    [Boss] Herobrine - Outdated V1.8.8

    Good job. Very interesting :D
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    Default mobs with custom drops?

    Sigh. ZOMBIE: Drops: - exp 75-125 1 - some drops - etc
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    Removing the Right Click Event when right clicking a spawn egg

    I think this thread should be in off-topic because this isn't a MythicMobs question
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    [Working it] Jaygolf v2

    looks so fun :'D
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    Is dev last version working on 1.11?

    Yes it is but a bit buggy yet. We can't know how much time will need xicage to develop a stable release, just be patient or subscribe to help mythicmobs
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    How to retrieve files lost in Notepad++ crashes!

    This tutorial is amazing! thanks for sharing. it's really important to have your back ups controlled. I use notepad++ and i didnt know it.
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    Resolved Mobs always deal 2 damage

    Yus, i have the same problem. Very annoying bug. Affects a lot D; i hope it will be solved soon ^^
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    Help please! Paladin MythicMob still in world no matter what I do

    This post is kinda funny