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    Mythic Mobs Droptables Randomization?

    Hi there. What i found to work quite well is doing small ranges for different drop tiers. I also put a lower total item count and my %s do not equal 100. For my highest tier i have over 1000 kills on a mob with a similar drop table, example table right below, and not seen it drop. While using...
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    Thanks! Good to know. :)
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    Hey every one! This is my first Showcase. What i have here is a Mob Skill. Compared to some i have seen its a tiny bit involved or advanced. What it does: The Sky will darken and change (overworld). It will change back after a delay. Annoucements to "warn" the player. Then based on a very...
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    Meteor Projectile

    I am not 100% sure, but from my own guess i would say that since your Targeter is aiming it at multiple Entities Locations and ~onTimer it simply throws an error when it doesn't have a target when the skill is being set off. Perhaps change Targeter to a more direct approach like @Self or...
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    Meteor Projectile

    V=velocity. G=gravitiy. Both will effect how fast it falls from its starting location to ground. Adjust and test for your desired effect. You said meteor rain so i put on the Repeat/RepeatInterval. Simply remove if it not wanted or needed. Also Try not putting any targeter on that skill's config...
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    Mob follow without dealing damage

    Hey there. I can think of a way off the top of my head. Under AIGoalSelectors use movetowardstarget. Then under AITargetSelectors use Players. Use a passive Mob disguised as a Witch or Villager or even Player skin. Disabling vanilla drops on custom mobs is under Mob Options. Part of the...
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    Console Error

    Hi there. Just from a quick look i can see a fair amount of easy errors to fix. You have no punctuation in most of those Configs. Such as : ; {} I'd suggest reviewing all of the Manual again. Read over other Examples and offered showcases to help as well. Learn the correct Syntax and placements...
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    Skill isn't working properly please help :D

    Hey there. Upon quick look at your skills and mob I saw a couple easy changes that should give you what you asked. There are other ways you could achieve what you want. This is just a quick and less complex way. So first is your Mob. Since both of it' s skills are on no delay and up to chance...
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    Resolved Projectile Skill and Missle Skill

    Remove the targeter on the OnHit part of projectile. Targeters are for OnTick and OnEnd. The OnHit is inherited. FireBlast-HitSect: Skills: - damage{amount=4;ignoreArmor=false} Hope it helps.
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    Declined Player disguise + doppleganger skill

    Doesn't that need a targeter of some sort? I've used Doppleganger very recently and it works great. - doppleganger @target <150 1 ~OnTimer:200 Hope it helps.
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    Mobs with custom heads? Help please...

    I used a Custom player head for a Ghost mob i made recently. 1.Get username of Player you want head of. 2. Get trimmed UUID of that player here 3. then take that trimmed UUID and add it to the end of this to get the code you need...
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    How to make a custom item have a item id.. And NBT Tags..

    I also tried unbreakable: true and could not get it to work. I did notice the problem is a gold helm has only 77 durablity and diamond 363. Perhaps a switch to keep it long lasting? Like this maybe? I hope it helps.