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The old system of using items for the class


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Jul 26, 2020
In the new use system, weapons can be used by all classes regardless of whether there are class restrictions or not, which creates a strong melee imbalance, since players who have a melee class can use ranged items, so all the advantages of ranged combat roll off, for example, a paladin class 2 character and have an advantage in high armor and shield, and the shooter has range, and now imagine the moment when the paladin takes the shooter's gun and starts shooting at him, dealing damage and closing the shield at the same time as the shooter will shoot at the paladin and will not even break it it follows that the srelok immediately becomes a useless class with mages the same story as with archers
You can say that the weapon will not give stats and a range of 0-1uron, but the game has attributes that give you an increase in attack power and speed, which means that all melee classes will shoot like machine guns and deal damage already at 100-500 and higher