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Resolved Spawners spawning mobs in a line (And square corners?) instead of in a radius


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Aug 16, 2015
MM version: 4.2.0
Spigot: 1.12

How I reproduced this:
1. Create a spawner and set a certain spawn radius for it. in my example 20.
2. Set a fairly high number of max mobs, in my example 20.
3. Low warmup can help in visualizing the issue.
4. Everything may be fine right now (It's fine for me), now reload mythicmobs (This is what caused the issue on my video, and every time I reproduced)
5. Random spawning in radius should now have a glitchy behaviour, like shown on the video.

How to workaround it (Shitty workaround, lets just hope you don't have too many spawners like me) for those who have the same issue:
You will have to remove the spawn, and redo it. Everything is fine untill the plugin is reloaded. That seems to kill the spawner's good behaviour. However, this doesn't seem to happen with any spawner, there may be some further requirements in order for this malfunction to emerge.
All I know is it's happening whith quite a variety of my spawners.

See for yourselves:
In this example there's a spawner in the center of the area, and all invisible armor stands appear in a line centered to the spawner. However, I also noticed while recording that some of the entities like to spawn in what I can only imagine are a square radius's corners:
(Video may still be uploading/processing)
The main deal with this is that the entities are mainly spawning in a line.