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Making a Hardcore server with Limited Lives.


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May 4, 2021
Hello! I'm making a server with The Augmented Hardcore Plugin.

the server is mostly Roleplaying, with a Mix of hardcore.
the server theme is medival, with a Suspicious Church giving players lives and stuff.

I don't want to take the survival fun out of the server. i still want people to gather items and go to the nether and stuff.

i but lately players been pretty pale. and they just finish their game way too quick. since the end game isn't that hard. and there is not much of RP when there is no content.

so i wanted to add MMO classes, MMO items and MMO mobs.. (im sorry i dont know the names of the plugins.. ill be glad to be informed with their names.

also is there a way to add new Models to new mobs? like a resource pack? i want this to help with the RPing

what i need now is Configurations for
Different mobs and bosses.(minimum 25 Mobs,10Bosses)

Unique Mobs with special traits (such as not attacking players unless attacked or having rivalry with another mob at least one of both of those catagories should be present. Biome Specified mobs/bosses.)

More Items with with Stats and different elements (Fire Damage, water Damage, Resistancs, with different rarities)

Classes with different skill trees, making people able to pick the same class while having different skills.
i want your Typical MMO classes, Example: assassins,Warriors,Priests,Mages,Paladins,necromancers or whatever. (minimum 6 classes)

i'm new to this. but i do have a budget!
is it possible?
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