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Resolved Leashranges for spawners sometimes fail


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Aug 16, 2015
MythicMobs version: 4.2.0-SNAPSHOT
Spigot for MC: 1.12

This is a very old issue on my server.
Mobs occasionally forget about their spawner's leash, and start running away from their bounds.
This is the 4th time I've reported it. It was stated as fixed the last time, so I had to open it again (Because it's clearly not fixed)
I thought it would be fixed by now, since the other spawner issues I always complained about where worked around nicely. However, having a new mob spawn on the spawner location instead of remembering where an old mob was before restart (In order to preserve a spawned mob, which I think is the workaround implemented by Xiage in order to fix the spawn issues) doesn't seem fo also fix the leash issues.

Therefore, I think there must be something plainly wrong with spawner leashranges.

I found someone reporting the same:
It's kind of an old post, but his config seems ok.

Old video on the issue (But it's exactly the same present issue):

Will provide more details in case of further research results.
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