1. pinkpig3777

    Artifacts Help - Changing Durability using a skill etc

    [Solved] Note: Sorry the title is not accurate, I edited the post from what it was originally. I want a "Staff Of Fire" which has a 1 time use meaning it'll remove itself after that use. Is this possible? Also how would I make an item use ammo? The manual for Artifacts doesn't seem very...
  2. TheAnonim

    Can I create an item with giveable effect when I wearing it.

    I'm creating a RPG server. Please answer on my question. :3
  3. Filipuer

    Items doesn't work

    Hello! I have problem! I can't get any item. Even if it is just an stone. Every time i get error "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command". Sorry for my bad english.
  4. M

    <sq> isn't working? Am I doing it wrong?

    (I hope I am in the right place) So I am working on custom item drops for my servers dungeons and none of us can seem to get the <sq> to work in the display name Adventurer_Sword: Id: 267 Display: '&l&7Fallen Adventurer<&sq>s sword' That is the (shortened) items config, Obviously the...
  5. C

    Drop Tables not dropping items from item config

    Hi, I'm creating DropTables but they aren't working. Could someone please help me out: Could someone please help me out here? Thanks!
  6. H

    Dyed Leather items causing internal errors?

    Basically the title, dying leather items causes internal errors in the console when I use ./mm items get <item>. Example item: RogueHood: Id: 298 Display: "&8&oRogue's Hood" Lore: - 'You move faster and blend with the shadows' - ' while wearing this hood' Options: Color: BLACK...
  7. pinkpig3777

    Can mobs drop Slimefun items?

    My server has Slimefun so I was wondering if it's possible for the custom mobs to drop Slimefun items. If so I could create mobs that drop specific Slimefun items and maybe add spawners. Anyone know if it's possible and how I would do it? Thanks!
  8. D

    Enchanted Glass

    Hello, Just wondering if there is a way to and enchanted items that should not be enchanted such as glass as I added in this: SharpGlass: Id: glass Data: 0 Display: '&fSharp Glass' Enchantments: - DAMAGE_ALL: 5 However, it didn't seem to enchant, am I missing something really...
  9. zz160

    Removing Potion Effects With a Water Bottle

    I am currently working on a project I am going to release to all of you, but I need some help. I would like to know how I can remove potion effects with a item and add potion effects at the same time. (I don't want to use a milk bucket though. I want a water bottle) ITEM CODE: Secret: Id: 373...
  10. C

    Items flags

    How to add item flags, such as HIDE_ATTRIBUTES or HIDE_UNBREAKABLE. All list: HIDE_ENCHANTS, HIDE_ATTRIBUTES, HIDE_UNBREAKABLE, HIDE_DESTROYS, HIDE_PLACED_ON, HIDE_POTION_EFFECTS; Spigot code: ItemStack item; ItemMeta meta = item.getItemMeta(); meta.addItemFlags(ItemFlag.HIDE_ATTRIBUTES...
  11. K

    Mob options isn't working

    Mob options isn't working, and the Damage too, and some other things. Mobs: Items: Skills: Config: ProtocolLib version: 4.1.0 MythicLib version: 1.1 MythicMobs version: 2.5.1...
  12. C

    How to make MythicDrops work with MythicMobs?

    hey guys, how can I make MythicDrops items be dropped by a MythicMobs boss? thank you!
  13. OneDisik

    Create items in the game

    You have an excellent plug-in that is updated very frequently, but it is unfortunately hard to do when there is no RPG things for the genre. I would like you to introduce into the game the ability to create things such as in MoreItems, and that there were different magical attributes, in general...