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  1. Joikd

    MythicMobs v4.6.5 now available!

    Hey everyone! :) We have now released MythicMobs v4.6.5 for everyone! This update will run on 1.14, and also has lots of bug fixes that we've merged from the 4.7 dev builds! While this version doesn't contain all of the new 1.14 features, it should run as smoothly as on 1.13. New features can...
  2. Joikd

    MythicMobs 4.3.1

    Hi everyone! We've posted MythicMobs v4.3.1 this morning. You can get it on BukkitDev once it is approved here: This build contains numerous bug fixes including for better 1.8 compatibility. Please make sure to post any bugs you...
  3. Joikd

    MythicMobs v4.3.0 + Artifacts v0.12

    Hi everyone! We've released MythicMobs v4.3.0 to the public this morning. You can get it on BukkitDev once it is approved here: This new version includes tons of new features and skills that we are excited about. Here is a recap of some...
  4. Joikd

    MythicMobs Discord

    Hi Everyone, We've decided to set up an official MythicMobs Discord server to have a centralized chat where MythicMobs scripters and server owners can chat, talk about mob creation, and even speak with the developer team. We hope this will help people be able to get their questions answered...
  5. Joikd

    MythicMobs v4.2.0 Released

    Hi everyone, We have released MythicMobs v4.2.0 this morning. You can get it off of BukkitDev once it is approved shortly here: This includes 1.12 support, a couple new things, and a whole lot of bug fixes. It should also improve...
  6. Joikd

    1.12 and Development News

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Joikd, and I'm going to be helping out around here with development and technical support. With that in mind, I wanted to let everyone know that we're going to be finally trying to get a public 1.12 release out some time before this...