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  1. Rickyling

    Resolved Bug: PreventSlimeSplit

    Verified that this bug still exists in Dev builds 3200 using the following configuration: Split: Mobtype: slime Options: Size: 2 PreventSlimeSplit: true
  2. Rickyling

    Verified Issue Bug: Options.PreventTransformation does not do anything

    Can confirm this seems to be the case, using both 4.9.0 builds 3085 and 3099.
  3. Rickyling

    [Boss] Grendis

    Disclaimer: This boss was made using MythicMobs but also makes liberal use of the Denizen plugin.
  4. Rickyling

    Beacon Beam Effect

    Apparently it's currently impossible to generate a beacon beam without a beacon block, so this probably isn't happening right now.
  5. Rickyling

    /mm eggs get Pirate_1 causes internal error

    You don't have a "Display" name, which causes Mythic eggs to bug out. You need to add one in somewhere like this: Pirate_1: Type: HUSK Health: 55 Display: 'Pirate'
  6. Rickyling

    Buff mechanic

    The buff mechanic is brand new and it's not very well understood sadly. It's pretty high up on the list of things we need to add to the manual, so hopefully we'll have it worked in the next week or so (busy with Christmas and stuff so no promises).
  7. Rickyling

    Skill for removing items on use?

    Yeah, I believe it's called "ConsumeHeldItem". I'll have to document it on the manual, thanks for reminding me! EDIT: Ninja'd while I was looking it up :P
  8. Rickyling

    Target name?

    I thought of something that could work, but it's pretty tedious since MythicMobs doesn't like having double quotes in command skills. - command{c="tellraw @a [<&dq><&dq>,{<&dq>text<&dq>:<&dq><> was just killed by an <&dq>},{<&dq>text<&dq>:<&dq>Inky...
  9. Rickyling

    Some sub-commands not working

    Yeah, those two specifically never really worked, and I don't think the dev really thought about it too much. Can make a report about it, but I'm not sure if he'll do anything haha
  10. Rickyling

    [Tutorial/Guide] Making a Boss

    Sadly, I have no clue how to explain how to make particles. I sorta just wing it and touch it up as is needed. Maybe one day I'll be able to figure out how to make a tutorial for that. Probably best left for someone more artistically minded. In terms of quest plugins, I think BetonQuest works...
  11. Rickyling

    [Solved] I just wanted 6 million health..

    It might be because of your servers health limit. If you're running Spigot, go to your spigot.yml. What does it say for you? This is mine. ninnnnnjaaaaaa'd
  12. Rickyling

    Using Biome IDs for Random Spawning Condition

    +1 support for this, seems convenient, basically just aliases for biome names.
  13. Rickyling

    Random Spawning Biome Condition

    Actually, that's a good question. I think only biome names work though, but that might be a great suggestion for the plugin, IDs seem a lot more compact.
  14. Rickyling

    Investigating Bug: Forward Offset not working

    Enter a brief description of what is broken Forward Offset not working What version of Minecraft are you using? 1.12 What server jar are you using? Spigot What is this a bug report for? MythicMobs What version of the plugin are you using? Dev Build 2337 Describe the bug. Be as specific as...
  15. Rickyling

    [SOLVED] Disable death message?

    Sorry for the late reply- Something like this should work: SilentUndead: Type: zombie Display: 'Silent Undead' KillMessages: - ' ' This is the important part: KillMessages: - ' '
  16. Rickyling

    Strike attacks can not, as the Palace is?

    When a monster is disguised as a dropped_item, it has the same hitbox as an item. You cannot hit an item, so it cannot be hit by swords.
  17. Rickyling

    HELP: Can I Make The Mob Do A Command On Death?

    How are you running the skill? Can you give me a snippet of the code? Maybe you specified targets incorrectly, is definitely still in newer builds.
  18. Rickyling

    Creeper Mob throws exception with PreventSuicide: true

    MythicLib was removed roughly around the 4.0.0 update, so you don't need that anymore.
  19. Rickyling

    How To Make Vanilla Zombie Climb Up Walls?

    The easiest solution I could think of is to disguise spiders as zombies, but it comes with a bunch of issues, especially since you want vanilla zombies to be replaced. MM doesn't really have a way to detect nearby blocks, so there's not really a way to check if the zombie is near a wall. If...
  20. Rickyling

    The Kraken

    I'd just like to mention I love your choice of boss theme. That's the Leviathan fight theme right, from FFXV?