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  1. Sean_Amor

    【Resourcepacks!】Make MythicMobs look awesome

    Will you create a resource to buy/download? I would love to see this in person, even if its just on your server!
  2. Sean_Amor

    Pixies and Loot Chests

    What is the skin or I'd for those?
  3. Sean_Amor

    [Tutorial] How to make a custom head mob

    Would someone have the files for a bee/pixie? Thanks!
  4. Sean_Amor

    Simple LootChest / LootBox Creation

    How did you go about adding the Level info, and damage levels etc... When you were killing the Zombie?
  5. Sean_Amor

    Pixies and Loot Chests

    Can you share? I love the pixie mob concept