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  1. Awesome_Dante

    [Miniboss] Harpy - MM 4.0+ compatible 1.16.5 Native 1.0

    Harpy miniboss with intelligent combos and custom flight mechanics! Mythicmobs 4.0+ compatible You can break away from the harpy's combo attacks by moving out of range of the next attack in sequence! Contains a rushing attack, bow attack, 2 different combo chains, and custom flight mechanics...
  2. Awesome_Dante

    [Mob] Bandit - Incremental and Static mugging. - Compatibility Update!

    Added support for 1.15-1.16.5 minecraft.
  3. Awesome_Dante

    [Mob Pack] EPIC Zombie Pack - 9 Mobs + 1 Boss! - Compatibility Update!

    Updated EZP to be compatible with 1.15- 1.16.5 Heads are next. Will include old versions shortly.
  4. Awesome_Dante

    [Random Spawn] Survivors! - Awesome_Dante - 1.15-1.16.5 Compatibility update!

    Added support for 1.15-1.16.5 Modified Bandit roll to alert surrounding players that enemies are going to spawn. Not just the player who clicked the survivor.
  5. Awesome_Dante

    [Super Boss] Goku DBZ 20+ Skills 4.x.x MythicMobs Compatible. Link to 2.4 - Added support up to 1.16.5

    rewrote the randomskill sections to be on one line to be compatible with more recent versions of MM.
  6. Awesome_Dante

    Awesome_Dante's Insane Character Pack - 1.16.5 compatability and Beta 1.0 release!

    Hello everyone! Dante here again with a fresh update to the Dante mob. Sorry for the dry spell everyone, but life has been creeping in the way. Im not as young as I used to be and my free time is scarce. In any case here is the skinny: 1. Update to 1.15-1.16.5 compatibility (Yayy) 2...
  7. Awesome_Dante

    [Random Spawn] Survivors! - Awesome_Dante - Compatibility Update!

    Updated file version to 1.2 Added compatibility for 1.14. Patch may also work with 1.15 but I havent tested it yet. Added simple Random Spawns file for use as a template.
  8. Awesome_Dante

    Awesome_Dante's Insane Character Pack - Compatibility Update!

    The update you have all been waiting for! 1.11 - 1.14.4 COMPATIBILITY! I have not added any new features, still fighting for time. However I was able to bring Dante into 1.14.4 1.11 - 1.12 Dante is unchanges, included his V 0.5 files for this 1.13 - 1.14.4 is another folder 1.14.4...
  9. Awesome_Dante

    [Random Spawn] Survivors! - Awesome_Dante - Small fixes

    Fixed leather_sword to wood_sword. Removed bad line in RewardMoney skill that actually wouldve caused the player to murder the mob if the line wasnt broken xD My bad.
  10. Awesome_Dante

    [Boss] Herobrine - Fixed herobrine_head bug

    small fix that adds the herobrine_head item that was apparently missing in initial release
  11. Awesome_Dante

    Awesome_Dante's Insane Character Pack - New weapon added!

    Hello everyone, sorry I have not really been posting regular updates, I have a lot going on right now and do not have as much time as I used to, however I felt that I have neglected my update schedule for too long. This is a rather simple update adding the last ranged weapon I have on the agenda...
  12. Awesome_Dante

    Awesome_Dante's Insane Character Pack - Added Intro + Theme Music! (And also a bunch of bug fixes)

    This update includes an intro sequence for Dante WITH THEME MUSIC "Devils Never Cry" in effect:sound form. File for theme music is seperate in the skills folder. Also fixed bugs with Lucifer Damage calculations. And fixed these errors: ------------------------------- ERROR FIXES...
  13. Awesome_Dante

    [Boss] Herobrine V 1.1

    So you think you have what it takes to defeat Minecrafts greatest threat? Go ahead and try your best. Few can defeat Herobrine... Can you? This Herobrine boss is a great monster to challenge your players with. He has a variety of skills to combat your players and has many cool particle effects...
  14. Awesome_Dante

    [Mob Pack] EPIC Zombie Pack - 9 Mobs + 1 Boss! - [Mob Pack] EPIC Zombie Pack - 9 Mobs + 1 Boss!

    Download not available for you? Purchase it ---> HERE <--- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello guys! Awesome_Dante here again with a new mob pack! This pack is chock full of Zombies to help get your server started...
  15. Awesome_Dante

    [Mob] Bandit - Incremental and Static mugging. - Sounds Update

    Updated Sounds. Removed Zombie sounds and added ambient and damaged sounds.
  16. Awesome_Dante

    Awesome_Dante's Insane Character Pack - Lucifer Update!

    Lucifer Update! Added Dante's magical sword quiver Lucifer. This weapon allows Dante to spawn floating swords around him that explode after a period of time. Definitely will provide your players a challenge as well as demonstrate using Armor Stand poses to you. This opens up Dante's move-sets...
  17. Awesome_Dante

    Awesome_Dante's Insane Character Pack - Cerberus Update + Fixes

    Fixed missing skill and mob errors in console. Numerus performance tweaks and bug fixes to many files. Recommend a redownload. Added a method for Dante to switch melee weapons mid combat. Added Cerberus Melee weapon to Dante that has 5 attack skills. AI chains will come in a later update.
  18. Awesome_Dante

    Awesome_Dante's Insane Character Pack - Test server!

    Hey guys I went and purchased a server to showcase Dante at! IP: Server is a bit rushed, but should function well! :)
  19. Awesome_Dante

    Awesome_Dante's Insane Character Pack - Grenade Launcher Update!

    Added the Grenade Launcher to Dante's Arsenal! Also fixes a few bugs with the Spiral weapon and a few comment fixes and some Mob file bug fixes.
  20. Awesome_Dante

    Awesome_Dante's Insane Character Pack - Spiral Update

    Added Dante's Sniper rifle "Spiral" also changed the purchasing options so you can pay more than I asked if you want to. This applies to future buyers. (This may not work. I haven't tested it with my seller platform yet) Spiral is a simple weapon for the time being. It fires powerful shots and...