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  1. Fargus

    MythicMobs v4.9.0 Released

    Thanks to make it free for us !
  2. Fargus

    MythicMobs v4.6.5 now available!

    I have a lot of errors with mythic mobs and libs disguise that are not updated
  3. Fargus

    [MOB] Bird - Fix ghast shoot

    The Bird will no longer shoot to players.
  4. Fargus

    [MOB] Bird - Improvement on the style of flight

    Modified the style of flight in a more gentle and graceful way
  5. Fargus

    [MOB] Bird - Improved spawning system

    I have modified the spawning system in the world in such a way that the mob is added to the normal spawning algorithm of minecraft, avoiding that it can be substituted for other mobs. You can go to the randomBird.yml file and change the "chance" from 0.10 to 1.00 You can change the worlds where...
  6. Fargus

    [MOB] Bird - [MOB] Bird

    Hello guys! This is my first mob for MythicMobs. I really like making new mobs for minecraft. This is very simple, I always wanted a new bird type on the sky. Hope that it will works ok for you too, I tested it on 1.12.2 mc version. If you would like to fix something just ask, I will try my...