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  1. Tankdest22

    [Mob] Rainbow Zombie - [Mob] Rainbow Zombie

    While I released this mob on the older resource sharing threads I felt it was time to finally give it an offical resource here on the page! So you wana know what would happen if a Zombie contracted the rainbow? Well the Rainbow Zombie is born of course! Don't let it's pretty name and colorful...
  2. Tankdest22

    [Raid Boss] Theal the Unstable (Spigot 1.10+ only) - Version 1.2 Released! (Major Bug fix)

    - Fixed Theal only changing states (Not casting any skills in any state) Authors Message: "Sorry for the mix up! In my haste to get him updated to the new condition system I made a few errors! Sorry for any inconvenience!" - Fixed Theal casting multiple skills at once (Especially when changing...
  3. Tankdest22

    [Boss] Slackjaw and Jumper (Spigot 1.10+ Only) 2017-02-26

    Today I bring to you a double boss fight but with a double suprise? Maybe? Nevermind... Anyway today I bring you Slackjaw and his pet spider, Jumper! A pair of hunters with an unbreakable bond! Slackjaw rides Jumper into the hunt while welding his trusty Punch Cannon! Making sure you get...
  4. Tankdest22

    [Raid Boss] Theal the Unstable (Spigot 1.10+ only) - Version 1.1 Released!

    This update includes a small fix as well as an update to MythicMob's version v4.0.0 conditions system update. Which greatly changed the way conditions work for MM. Please note there MAY be bugs with this mob due to condition system errors. These will be fixed in a later Mythic Mob update.
  5. Tankdest22

    New Add-on: Artifacts / [MythicArtifacts]

    Fire Armor here I come....
  6. Tankdest22

    [Raid Boss] Theal the Unstable (Spigot 1.10+ only) 1.2

    I introduce the first Raid Boss for download from resources! Meet Theal the Unstable! A mentally unstable mage who uses dangerous magic! Theal's boss fight changes from enounter to encounter so knowing what each state does is very important to your survival! Check out the guide below! WARNING...
  7. Tankdest22

    2.5.0+ MythicLib Dependency

    Rocket launchers, flame throwers, explosive bows, laser cannons here I come!
  8. Tankdest22

    Status Update + Recruiting Moderators / Testers

    Always happy to see status updates! Glad you are still kicking there. Maybe at some point I'll put another one of my mobs on the showcase part of the forums. I probably should considering I haven't done so in a while! Anyway I'll be happy to help you Xikage!
  9. Tankdest22

    Champions... Coming Soon

    The server I make custom mobs for usually has around 20-30 players online on average and the max players the server can have is 90 (Unfortunately the server hasn't surpassed 60 players in a long time). Not sure if that is above that limit.
  10. Tankdest22

    Champions... Coming Soon

    I hope Mythic Champions is free. Or atleast I get a Beta copy :3 And perhaps the server I make custom mobs for gets one too lol. Cause if I try to give them my Beta Copy should I get one I think would be illegal lol
  11. Tankdest22

    Champions... Coming Soon

    I'm excited for the plugin too. However I think it's most likely gonna be premium.