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  1. jeancrafteo

    AirSkates - for mythicmobs and modelengine 1.0

    AirSkates brings 8 new vehicles and 1 new mob that summon the other 8 airskates. which are boards you can mount and drive in your minecraft java server! Once you click them (without any piece of armor equiped) you will turn invisible and ride the mount as if was you, that is in the airskate...
  2. jeancrafteo

    Adventure Mining 13 Mineral models - new ores aded for blackstone form!

    4 new models for blackstone ores variants!
  3. jeancrafteo

    Undead Wolf Boss Pack 1.1

    What is include in this pack? 2 Mobs - The Undead Wolf Boss and the Undead wOLF 1 Animated claw attack for the Boss 2 Blockbench models, with their owns animations Boss have 3 Skills in combat 1 Armor Set ONLY CONFIG WITH OPTIFINE BY MOMENT Installation Instructions You need to have...
  4. jeancrafteo

    Adventure Mining 13 Mineral models v1.1

    Hi! I really hope you enjoy my pack of adventure mining a pack made for mythicmobs and model engine. Adventure mining provides 9 new models that give the player vanilla ore drops, depending on what model the player interact with the mob. Aslo has a restriction tool condition, so you can pick...