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    Black Friday Sale

    Happy holidays everyone! In the 10 years Mythic has been around I don't think we've ever done a sale, but there's a first time for everything. This year to celebrate the holidays (and to help you with inflation) we've decided to do a sale on all of our plugins! The Mythic Whale Sale bundle...
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    Mythic v5.4.0 Free Version Now Available

    I've finally decided to release Mythic v5.4.0. This is one of the largest updates we've ever done! But don't take my word for it. Here are some highlights: - Over 200 issues closed on the bug tracker - The Stat System is here! And you can make your own custom stats! - Full Display entity and...
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    MythicCraft SpoOktacular Community Harvest Festival

    To celebrate the release of ModelEngine 4, we'd like to announce our latest community contest! In the spirit of the season, this month long contest will test your creativity and rattle your skulls! A new category structure has been introduced to promote creativity and complexity. For more...
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    ModelEngine 4 is out now!

    We're proud to announce that Model Engine 4 is finally out! MEG 4 is a complete rewrite and will be treated as a separate plugin, and only supports 1.19.4+. However, the features we get in return are insane: Models use display entities now Ultra smooth animation that runs at game FPS Scaling...
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    MythicGraveyards - Graveyards v5.1.0

    - Updated against latest MythicMobs v5.2.1 builds - Fixed numerous bugs on newer versions
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    Mythic v5.2.0 Released!

    This version contains a bunch of new stuff and long-requested things. I closed over 150 issues for this update! I hope you all enjoy it! Highlights: Rewritten Random Spawning system - now 300% faster and with 500% less issues! Custom Biome support everywhere! Conditions for structures! Even...
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    MythicAchievements v0.0.1

    Achievements - The ultimate advancements add-on for Mythic! Manual | Changelogs | Issues | Terms of Purchase | Dev Builds MythicAchievements is an add-on for Mythic that allows you to create custom achievements/advancements! Advancements will show up normally in the advancement pane, can be...
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    MythicGraveyards 2022-06-20

    Graveyards A simple system for creating MMO-style respawn points Manual | Discord | Changelogs If you purchased this previously on Spigot, please DM or open a ticket on Discord with your transaction ID Graveyards is a simple RPG plugin that allows you to turn blocks into "graveyards". After...
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    Crucible - Custom Items, Armor, Furniture, Blocks, & More! - MythicCrucible v1.4.0

    Added Furniture. See manual for details
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    Mythic v5.0.4 Released

    Since this version contains lots of changes, don't forget to post issues on our issue tracker! We'll try to do frequent releases over the next few weeks to patch up bugs. As usual get it by going here: And don't forget to...
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    MCCosmetics - The Ultimate Cosmetics Plugin v0.8.0

    Support | Manual | Get More Pre-Made Cosmetics | Source | Changelogs ✨Features ✨ In the plugin right now ✔️ Cosmetic Hats - You can have these equipped at the same time as normal helmets. ✔️ Cosmetic Off-hand items - you can have these equipped at the same time as other items. ✔️ Backpack...
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    Mythic 4.14 Released for Free

    Now that paper is stable, we've gone ahead and released v4.14.0 for free! This includes 1.18.1 support along with some new features. This does not include any of the 5.0 API changes. Grab it here:
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    Spooky Mob Pack - SpookyPack v1.3

    Updated against latest MythicMobs and LibsDisguises Tested on 1.17
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    Mythic 4.13 Released for Free

    Since so much content is available in dev builds, we've decided to release MythicMobs 4.13 before applying our major API changes. This replaces the 5.0.0-alpha1 build we released a few weeks ago and contains far more bug fixes! Grab it here...
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    MythicLib 2021-03-15

    Description This resource is a hard dependency for MMOItems Premium and MMOCore. Since these plugins share a lot of similar features, we have decided to merge the most important RPG mecanics from MMOItems and MMOCore into one single library, in order to make implementing new features and keeping...
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    New Website + MythicMobs v4.11.0 Free Release

    New MythicMobs Free Release! I have gone ahead and released MythicMobs v4.11.0 free version. This contains a ton of bug fixes since the beta release, and some new compatibilities required for the latest Crucible builds, so go and grab that! And if you enjoy it, please leave us a nice review...
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    MythicEnchantments [Early Access] v0.0.1

    MythicEnchants- Make incredible custom enchants! Manual | Changelogs | Issues | Terms of Purchase | Dev Builds MythicEnchants is a powerful enchantment plugin backed by MythicMobs, giving you the ability to create versatile and in-depth custom enchantments that no other plugin could come close...
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    MMOCore v1.7.1

    From the creator of MMOItems, BountyHunters, and PinataParty, we bring to you a whole new RPG solution! Replacing outdated and popular plugins, we aim to provide people the same customization and features there old favorite plugins used to offer. In development for over 6 months, and bug tested...
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    MMOItems v0.0.1

    Welcome to MMOItems! Documentation | Legacy Version | Issue Tracker | Discord | Metrics | Trello Make sure you download MythicLib first! MMOItems is best used in 1.14+ Join our discord / our website in order to get daily dev builds! Unique Item Types (wiki) MMOItems introduces brand new...
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    Crucible - Custom Items, Armor, Furniture, Blocks, & More! v1.5.0

    Crucible - The ultimate Item add-on for Mythic! Manual | Changelogs | Issues | Terms of Purchase | Dev Builds Crucible (or MythicCrucible) is an add-on for Mythic that allows you to create incredible custom items, as well as adding numerous new features involving items, and may be the most...