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  1. KolorD_StudiO

    [MythicMobs]Pillars Pack 1.18.2+

    Pillar pack has 4-types(BLUE, GREEN, PURPLE, RED) - Each stone pillar has two different skills. - You can get a totem from a monster that summons a pillar. Protect your town from monsters.
  2. KolorD_StudiO

    [ModelEngine]Emerald set V2 1.18.2+

    It is Emerald Weapons.
  3. KolorD_StudiO

    [MythicMobs]Samurai 1.18.2+

    Samurai Showcase - Samurai has two combo attacks and will jump to shoot you down. - Samurai will shoot a tornado. if the player moves away from more than 6 distances - When a samurai dies, he drops his sword, helmet, and flag - A helmet can be equipped by Essentials command (/hat) - The flag...
  4. KolorD_StudiO

    !Modified the link!ㅣKnight boss pack / 1.17.1 - Link update

    I made download link!
  5. KolorD_StudiO

    !Modified the link!ㅣKnight boss pack / 1.17.1 2021-09-22

    This is knight boss Links Come to my discord channel to see other showcases
  6. KolorD_StudiO

    !!modified the link!!ㅣGlowing weapon v2(1.17+) 1.17.1

    This is Glowing weapon version 2 view at day: at night: To see another weapons private discord : 울산인#8624 talk to me