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  1. Nocsy

    Drako – The Fire Dragon (Boss, mount & items)

    Hey bro, wtf really ?
  2. Nocsy

    Drakonin Pack 2022-05-10

    The full bundle includes : 8 Baby Drakonins: Hatches from the Drakonin Egg Tameable with golden apples Evolves into the adult form up after feeding enough apples ✨ Follows you everywhere (even without MCPets) 8 Adult Drakonins : Rideable (both ground and air controls) Unique spells for...
  3. Nocsy

    [$] Drakonin Pack

    Nocsy submitted a new resource: Drakonin Pack - Dragons and wyvern from baby to adult, get ready for your next journey Read more about this resource...
  4. Nocsy

    Yokibird Pack 2022-03-24

    This pack includes : Baby Yokibird (6 color variations): Tameable with apples Grows up after feeding enough apples ✨ 5 animations (idle, walk, death, interactions) Adult Yokibird (6 color variations): Rideable Sprint skill (using Signal Stick of MCPets) 4 animations (idle, walk...
  5. Nocsy

    Fantasy Pack - Vol.1 2022-02-25

    ✨Note: This pack is meant to go alongside Toffy’s Elf Pack which IS NOT INCLUDED as part of this product. So make sure to check it out ! This pack includes : Ganondorf (Boss – 1st phase) Ganon (Boss – 2nd phase) Bokoblins & Moblins (3 minions – 2 brutes) Fairy pet (MCPets support) ️ 6...
  6. Nocsy

    AdvancedPet - Starter Pack 2022-01-02

    This pack includes : Pikachu : 5 animations (idle, walk, despawn, interaction and passive movement) A custom despawn animation (jumps in the air and disappears in a cute cloud) Penguin : 4 animations (idle, walk, despawn, interaction) A custom despawn animation (slides on ice then...
  7. Nocsy

    AdvancedPet - 3D-model pets & mounts 2021-12-07

    Support | Get more models | Wiki | Patreon access (soon) ⚠️ Requirements ⚠️ This plugin requires the following dependencies to work : - ModelEngine r2.2.0 at least - MythicMobs compatible with ModelEngine r2.2.0 (see dev builds) - WorldGuard & WorldEdit (for flag management) ✨ Overview ✨...
  8. Nocsy

    The Icebreaker - Boss pack 2021-11-29

    This pack includes : The Icebreaker : 8 animations 7 different attacks (melee attack, ice bombs, peak shockwave, winter breath, impressive roar, summon, last stand move) Several sounds made from Minecraft Vanilla with pitch editing (ambient, attacks) Ice-Chibi (the little ice golems) : 4...
  9. Nocsy

    Drako - The Fire Dragon (Boss + Mount + Items) 2021-11-08

    This pack includes : Drako – The Fire Dragon (Boss) : 13 animations A complex behavior to handle ground combat & air combat 5 different attacks handled differently from ground to the air (A bite, a wing slash, fire breath in a cone, fragmented fireball, and a grab to get the player in the air...
  10. Nocsy

    Skeleton Pack - Boss & Mobs 2021-10-16

    This pack includes : Heidard, the Necromancer : 11 animations 2 animated textures for the flames 8 different attack types with variations (2 close attacks, 3 different projectiles, 2 summonings, 2 AOE, and a rush) Skeleton Axe Brute : 7 animations 4 different attacks (a fast handle hit...
  11. Nocsy

    [$] Boss pack - The Algarok

    This model is a exclusive. You've got to find another way around, sorry =/
  12. Nocsy

    [$] Boss pack - The Algarok

    Aracnen submitted a new resource: Boss pack - The Algarok - A 3D Model Boss as impressive than massive. Beware when you approach it... Read more about this resource...
  13. Nocsy

    Boss pack - The Algarok 1.0

    The Algarok – Boss pack Trailer/Showcase of the boss available here : This pack includes : The Algarok model, as well as the enraged version The plasma orbs summoned by the Algarok 7 skills for the Algarok (a simple bite, a body slam, a tail slam summoning orbs, a random charge, an...
  14. Nocsy

    Alchemist bosspack [ModelEngine] 1.0

    This pack includes : Homonculus : flying mobs that will chase the player down Deadly clouds : little particle of clouds that shoot a powerful spell to the player The alchemist Zvarikia with : 4 différent potion splashes effect skills, a repulsion skill, a summoning skill of homonculus and...
  15. Nocsy

    [$] Alchemist bosspack [ModelEngine]

    Aracnen submitted a new resource: Alchemist bosspack [ModelEngine] - Zvarikia is a mighty alchemist that can turn into a dangereous Cobra, so, be aware ! Read more about this resource...