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  1. Dropix

    Unable to remove baby zombies

    Hi, Im having some trouble removing these kind of mobs. I actually tried to use the remove skill with the onspawn trigger: BABY_ZOMBIE: Skills: - remove @self ~onSpawn This skill works with every other mob or animal like squids or whatever. But I cant prevent baby zombies from spawning...
  2. Dropix

    MythicMobs v4.9.1 Released!

    Would this version work in 1.16 as well?
  3. Dropix

    remove skill not working correctly

    hi guys, I just have a problem, which I cant fix somehow. I want to have some vanilla mobs removed, so I just used the skill "remove @self ~onSpawn". It used to work fine, but since I have a new world, this doesnt work correctly. I cant spawn them by using spawn eggs or the summon command, like...
  4. Dropix

    Can't Replicate Bug: PreventSuicide not working

    Enter a brief description of what is broken Bug: PreventSuicide not working What version of Minecraft are you using? 1.11 What server jar are you using? Spigot What is this a bug report for? MythicMobs What version of the plugin are you using? 4.3.2 MythicMobs Describe the bug. Be...
  5. Dropix

    Orbital Skill not working

    Hey, I have issue with this orbital skill. I even took the example from the manual and it just didnt worked. Skill: IceShield: Skills: - orbital{onTick=IceShield-Tick;onHit=IceShield-Hit;points=20;interval=1;duration=200;charges=1} IceShield-Tick: Skills: -...
  6. Dropix

    Custom Projectile - Damage problem

    I dont know why, but this only doesnt worked as an vanilla mob for me ^^ (so I had to create it in ExampleMobs file instead of VanillaMobs and than it worked fine - somehow). I wanted to damage the player and the problem was, that the player with this specific res 3 armor didnt got any damage...
  7. Dropix

    Suggestion: New Tag for the damage skill

    I thought about an new tag, that should ignore the damage ticks (Default by 10). Example: Lets say this "idt" (IgnoreDamageTicks) Tag stand for it. - damage{amount=20;ignoreArmor=true;pk=true;idt=true} @target ~onTimer:5 So this tag make it possible to damage the target every 5 ticks (In this...
  8. Dropix

    Suggestion: New Trigger [Artifacts]

    (Excuse me for my bad english but I hope you understand, what I mean) I would really like to get some new triggers and how they should about to work: ~onDrop [Should work by pressing "Q", possibly need preventDroping enabled] Thats it! I hope some of you would like this ^^
  9. Dropix

    Problems with Bow Skill [Artifacts]

    No, still the same. I guess this trigger isnt even working :/
  10. Dropix

    Removing Mobs In Radius

    Wrong Target I guess - skill{s=BossDeath} @Self ~onDeath If this one should not work, try to use commands for the mobs (First you need to read this: ) If you did it, you can put this there: ExampleMob: Type: ZOMBIE Health...
  11. Dropix

    Problems with Bow Skill [Artifacts]

    I tried this but this dont changed anything. :/ Anyways thanks for the reply
  12. Dropix

    Problems with Bow Skill [Artifacts]

    Hey everyone, I am trying to make an special item with this Plugin Add-on. But I cant get a special Bow to work. Can someone tell me why? I allready tried it with @trigger too Item: RangerBow: Id: 261 Display: '&2Rangers Bow' Lore: - '&cPower IX' - '' - '&8Rightclick: &9Explosive...
  13. Dropix

    Projectile goes backwards [Solved]

    Okay I solved this now. The Solutions: I had to replace @trigger with @TargetLocation For the damage I had to add "hnp=true" and "hp=false" as tag
  14. Dropix

    Cannot spawn mobs without giving exact co-ordinates

    I guess thats normal that the console asks you for the coordinates, because the Console isnt a player. I mean, if you type /mm mobs spawn [Mob], it will spawn the mob directly at your coordinates. I dont know what you are exactly searching for, but if you want these mobs spawning natural, so...
  15. Dropix

    Projectile goes backwards [Solved]

    Hi everyone, I tried some things out with this Addon but this "problem" is a bit confusing. Server Version: 1.11.2 Spigot Mythicmobs: 4.3 Artifacts: 0.1.12 Snapshot Here my Item / Skills: MagicSword: Id: 283 Display: '&6Magical Sword' Lore: - '&cSharpness XV' - '' -...
  16. Dropix

    Still Skill problems [Artifacts]

    Wow, now it just works. I dont know why it didnt worked before. Anyway thank you for the answer
  17. Dropix

    Still Skill problems [Artifacts]

    What the f why do it works for you? Anyways, I use 4.2.0 MM and Artifacts 0.1.11. I test them on Mobs (Zombies, Horses, etc.)
  18. Dropix

    Still Skill problems [Artifacts]

    Hello again, So I got no answers last time so I have to post it again. I still dont get it how the skills should work with this Addon. Here are "some" of my tries: Poisonsword: Id: DIAMOND_SWORD Display: 'Test Sword' Skills: - potion{type=POISON;duration=200;lvl=1} @target ~onSwing...
  19. Dropix

    MythicMobs v4.3.0 + Artifacts v0.12 Well, there isnt any 4.3 Update at all for download
  20. Dropix

    Declined Bug: Specific Mob causes the Server to crash

    Enter a brief description of what is broken Specific Mob causes the Server to crash What version of Minecraft are you using? 1.11 What server jar are you using? Spigot What is this a bug report for? MythicMobs What version of the plugin are you using? 4.2.0 Describe the bug. Be as...