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  1. Hollish

    Add "drop on death" option to items

    Hello ! We have been looking for a way for people to keep their mythicmobs items on death. This would allow to go around farming mobs and donjons without worrying you would lose the awesome stuff MythicMobs allows you to have ! Do you think it would be possible to add such an option to items ...
  2. Hollish

    Replacement Spawns does not work on zombies ?

    Hello, I have always used the RandomSpawns to replace all of the naturally spawned mobs. This does not work any more for zombies for some reason. When disableing MM entirely, zombies still spawn naturally. It looks like the zombies are simply not spawned at all. Using 2.5.0 build 1707...
  3. Hollish

    Resolved Error Log

    Hello, I get the following error in the error log whenever a player is close to any MythicMob: For some reason, none of the MythicMobs seem to deal damage to any of my players. I'm not sure whether this is related ... Any insight on this? Thanks!
  4. Hollish

    Declined Error in Console

    Hello, I just got the following error in my console. People over at Spigot say it comes from MythicMobs. Any insight on this? Thanks!
  5. Hollish

    Declined Players get kicked when close to MythicMobs

    Hello, There seems to a major problem with MythicMobs on my server. Whenever a player gets too close to MythicMobs, they get kicked from the serveur with following message: Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: readerIndex(3) +...
  6. Hollish

    Duplicate Error in latest build

    Hello! I'm getting the following error in console with the latest build 2.4.1. Thanks !