What's new
- Regulated all the prices for every Tower in Tower Shop
- Added more Options to all Towers ( Interactable: false - CanMove: false - Marker: true )
- Much more LORE information has been added, it is such as damage, duration, range, targets, sorts, effects and others.
Be aware that the price has been increased!
I can now introduce you for a total of 50 Towers, a Tower Shop, and recipes for every Tower.
- Added a variety of new towers, including Tower Meteor, Tower Gale, Tower Elemental, Tower Flare, and Tower Obliterator.
- Introduced a Villager Shop, allowing you to easily purchase any Tower, making it ideal for use in spawn areas.
- Added crafting recipes for every Tower. If you have CMI, you can hold a Tower and use the /recipe command.
- Introduced a throwable item for each Tower.
- Each Tower now features its own unique design.
- Towers have different targeting capabilities: some target players and monsters, some only players, some only monsters, and some only animals.
- You can now create a WorldGuard Zone named "VILLAGER_SHOP_ZONE." If the Villager Shop tries to leave this region, it will be teleported back automatically.
- New homepage picture.