Scarlett Pack 1.5

Get lost in the Scarlet Forest! Fight one powerful boss and get 10+ mythicartifacts items

  1. xlsalvolx
    Required Dependencies:
    • Lib's Disguises
    • Artifacts
    Hello, i'm back with another pack!

    This is a unique MythicMobs+MythicArtifacts pack, fully working and tested for minecraft 1.12 and 1.13 (You will find a different version for each minecraft version).

    You can watch a video of this pack here:

    This pack contains:
    1 powerful boss (Scarlett, queen of hearts)
    10+ MythicArtifacts items with special powers
    • Scarlett forest Arena

    Item screenshots here:

    NOTE:You will need MythicArtifacts to get this pack to work properly!
    Libdisguises and GlowAPI are not necessary, but they are required if you want the extra special effects to work properly.

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    Also, this pack is available in italian too!
    (Contact me on telegram if you are interested or for support: @xlsalvolx)
    Questo pacchetto è disponibile anche in italiano!
    (Contattami su telegram se sei interessato o per supporto: @xlsalvolx)

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Recent Reviews

  1. SanciRex
    Version: 1.4
    Hello , I m amazed from your packs ,I would like to talk whit you ,but not on Telegran , messenger or facebook ,discord?
    1. xlsalvolx
      Author's Response
      discord: xlsalvolx#9505
  2. HSDadmin
    Version: 1.4
    I need Scarlett Pack of music
    Can you give me
    1. xlsalvolx
      Author's Response
      What do you mean? If you are referring to the music i used in my video you can find it in the video description
  3. Grant Bagby
    Grant Bagby
    Version: 1.1
    Great Boss, I just have one question tho. How do you actually add the items that are dropped skills? Do you drag the txt files also into mythic artifacts as well?
    1. xlsalvolx
      Author's Response
      You can just add the skills to the itemsfiles in mythicmobs (not mythicartifact). Glad you liked my pack!
  4. yeungkachun
    Version: 1.0
    I love this pack very much. But the item "Vermilion" skill2 :Execute a reverse leap cannot use!
    1. xlsalvolx
      Author's Response
      Hi thanks for your review! Are you sure you are using the latest mychimobs and mythicartifacts versions? We can figure out the problem together if you want to, contact me on telegram: @xlsalvolx