What's new
Fixed a few issues that were present when using MM 5.2.0.

This version is required if you are using 5.2.0 and want the pack to actually work.

That's all for now.
- Removed some useless code in the mob skills file.
- Removed "IvoHitTick".
- Fixed the main attack of Ivo not doing damage/not doing the multiple hits a second.

It is seriously advised that you update to this version if you are using MM 5.1.0 (some older versions might be bugged too, not sure though) as the main attack is completely bugged otherwise.

And also I can confirm that everything works 100% fine with 1.19 crucible.
- Cleaned up a lot of code in the item file.
- Ready for 1.19 (1.2.2-1.2.3 should work just fine too but I wouldn't recommend using versions before those).

Regarding 1.19. The pack should support it as is but if you experience any issues please let me know!
I would not recommend using 1.19 with crucible though because official support for that is yet to come at least from what dev notes say. It might work either way though.
The bow from the items has a skill that heals you.
Due to my Lib's Diguises format being outdated
the arrow that spawns when this skill is trigerred
used to be a Steve skin named Out Of Date.

I updated the code so this is no longer an issue.
This update includes code optimization improvements for mobs.
To be exact:
- Removed a lot of useless stuff from the mob file.
- Made the mobs able to be removed with /mm m killall

And a general improvement for Ivo:
- Added "IvoAntiKb" Skill. This helps reduce the knockback Ivo takes from bows.

That is all for today.
This update is a "minor improvements" update for the items.
It includes:
- Improved files (cleaned up some stuff in the zip you download)
- Fixed a slight visual issue with an item skill
- Improved skill visuals for every item skill

Also this update will permanently make the price of the pack 5.19$ instead of 5.49$.
Title (no need to update any files).

The sale will last 3 days (as usual) and will be for 1$.
First sale for Oceanic Pack.
I want it to be semi decent so...

1.5$ off!

Edit: The sale is over.
Some versions of crucible are broken on 1.18 (atleast for me).
This means that the items may not work as intended!