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Model Engine—Ultimate Entity Model Manager [1.19.4 - 1.20.4]

Model Engine—Ultimate Entity Model Manager [1.19.4 - 1.20.4] R4.0.6

Really excellent plugin, and in my view, the performance improvements alone did make the separate release a reasonable ask on the developer's part. I hope to see an update for 1.20.6 in the future, as I've been running into a good number of problems trying to get servers set up in 1.20.4, and my best option seems to be updating altogether. Good stuff - would also love to see BetonQuest/Citizens hidden NPC integration :) Models that appear and disappear as needed throughout questlines would open so many possibilities.
Please Update for 1.20. or 1.21
Please update! Alot of things have moved forward causing the need of 1.20.6+
Have purchased but cannot use plugin till updated to 1.20.6, please update asap.
I have tried meg3 and now buy meg4, the change between versions is simply abysmal and wonderful, animations more fluid mobs more natural, as if they were really part of the game.

This together with mythicmobs is a genius and I highly recommend its purchase, in short, this version allows more types of animations and works better in the latest versions of minecraft.
recommended you, develop a mod + plugin version of the model loading engine, to fix garbage overhead performance problem, create mod to client for rendering and loading, without affecting the server performance.

transcend limitations, It is obvious that the bottleneck of pure plug-ins has appeared. Don't be obsessed with bottleneck creation and development.

Otherwise, no matter whether this project is in Meg 3-4, when applied to multi-player team BOSS challenges, the player's skill model special effects and the Meg engine's model operation will always destroy the performance of the server.
ModelEngine really takes Minecraft to its limits. After display entities got added in 1.19.4 it became even better. There are so many possibilities with this tool and it supports a ton of other plugins too. Must-have if you want to work with animations in minecraft!
I would've put five stars but i didn't realize it was only for 1.19 and up if it can please make it in 1.18.2+
Incredible next-gen plugin that opens a world of possibilities for servers - seriously making dreams come true with what's possible server-side. Thanks for the support and development, and can't wait to see what other features are in store! :o
its amazing but they need to add citizens support and fix the bugs after that it will be 5 stars!
His update rate is too slow, which is not a good sign for newly released plugins.
this is the best plugin of all, it's the future of minecraft, thanks for creating it
Back in the day my server used to have whales that were ghasts that spawned in the ocean and named "whale". We had to use our imaginations back then haha. This plugin is expensive but it also offers some really powerful and epic features. Definitely recommend.

Beware: Buying the plugin does not = infinite lifetime upgrades. You pay for this major version but it will be abandoned eventually and require paying for a new version.
Great new features seemed really good. Unfortunately can't use the plugin yet because it removed support for citizens and MythicMob NPCs with spawners won't work either. Hopefully citizens support comes soon so I can use the plugin.
Awesome plugin, I have been using it since 2020.
For these exciting new features, I have to upgrade the version to 1.19.4 despite all difficulties. ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧
Good stuff dude keep it up
But try to create better documentations and you will make more sales!
keep going, this plugin is so nice
Scaling keyframes, limitless bone size, no more lag on many bones, smooth AF animations... It's a dream come true
Utilizes display entities to the fullest, incredible performance and features, and continues to be an amazing resource for the community!
Good plugin, good supports and very kind too