What's new
Model Engine—Ultimate Entity Model Manager [1.16.5-1.20]

Model Engine—Ultimate Entity Model Manager [1.16.5-1.20] R3.1.8

Bug Fix:
- Fixed subhitbox kicking player
- Fixed 1.16.5 kicking players with scoreboard packet
- Fixed default body rotation controller not initialized with proper values

New Feature:
- 1.20 support
Bug Fix:
- Fixed subhitbox not spawning

New Feature:
- Added "self" argument to select command
Bug Fix:
- Fixed lerp in/out not slerping
- Possible fix to sub-hitbox race condition
- Fixed VFX 0 render distance
- Fixed state mechanic not lowercasing animation name

New Feature:
- 1.19.4 Support (no display entity support yet)
Bug Fix:
- Possible fix for race conditions
- Fixed mounting block player interaction
- Fixed dynamic hitbox becoming unresponsive
- Possible fix for sub-hitbox disappearing on chunk unload
- Fixed atlas ignoring minecraft namespace
- Fixed render distance saved as 0 blocks (causing mobs to be invisible)

- Disabled mount jumping on water (models will behave more like boats)

New Feature:
- Added thread header to logs (A = async, S = sync)
Bug Fix:
- Fixed citizens NoClassDef error
- Fixed conmod errors on NetworkUtils & EntityHandler
- Fixed bone ID generating in assets generation phase
- Fixed models froze on death when leaving render distance
- Fixed models not persisting after server restart

- Default animation mode to B
Bug Fix:
- Fixed models not despawning when nearby player is looking at death screen
- Fixed frozen models when entity unloads
- Fixed VFX NPE error
- Fixed body rotation calibration edge cases
- [MM] Fixed placeholder spam NPE error

New Feature:
- Auto atlas generation for 1.19.3 (does not affect previous versions)
- Config option for model import before server is fully initialized
- Config option for asset generation before server is fully initialized
Bug Fix:
- Fixed disguise & undisguise command error
- Fixed idle animation not playing when mob has no AI
- Fixed hitbox error spam again
- Fixed rare "hashmap null" error
- Fixed turtle unable to leave walk state
- Fixed concurrent modification error in ActiveModelImpl
- Fixed jittery body rotation when root pivot is not centered on XZ plane

- Revert reload model task message to R2 format for nostalgia

New Feature:
- Added config option to toggle animation errors
Bug Fix:
- Possible fix for armorStand nulling
- Fixed hitbox error spam when model does not have a hitbox
- Fixed passenger sit pose render issue
- Fixed OBB hitbox not interactible in <1.19
- Fixed hurt tint revert model custom tint to white
- Fixed 1.17 NoClassDef again
- [MM] Fixed Remap model mechanic doing nothing
- [MM] Fixed tint mechanic error when exactMatch is false

New Feature:
- 1.19.3 support (Resource Pack v12 gen WIP)
- Better packet error logs
- [MM] Tint mechanic can set damage tint color
- [MM] LinkItemBone mechanic -> Link an item bone to an equipment slot of the mob so it updates automatically
Bug Fix:
- Fixed unable to riptide with Riptide Trident
- Fixed player collision disabled
- Fixed portal swirl effect not playing
- Fixed 1.17 NoClassDef error
- Fixed model misaligned when first summoned

- Hitbox might be less accurate now
Bug Fix:
- Fixed weird bee movement
- Fixed CMI hologram not interactable
- Fixed occasional NPE