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Model Engine—Ultimate Entity Model Manager [1.16.5-1.20]

Model Engine—Ultimate Entity Model Manager [1.16.5-1.20] R3.1.8

Excellent product. Would love to see more up-to-date tutorials on using it.
I'm giving it a 4 star as I hope they change the way it works. I would love an alternative to the players not wanting to download the resource pack as it would not make me have to force my players which I don't so I'm not currently using it although I love it for most other reasons.
I feel like I buy this plugin every time it is updated.
I have bought it again at least 3 times.
It is a little expensive because of the weak yen.
Sorry if it's a spec.
A revolutionary resource that turns Minecraft into a limitless creative canvas. Truly essential for evolving a server beyond vanilla, into creative and custom content!
*o* this plugin is completely out of my mind
Very nice plugin, do you have any plans to support Folia?
the best plugin :3 promises much more than given
it's pretty good but why install the plugin and trident enchanting with riptide will broken . plz fix it and i will love u
Very cool works perfectly very nice only problem is mobs DeSpawn after server restarts
I can't even begin to describe what a revolutionary, amazing, useful plugin this is. Having supported it's development from the start, I'm so happy to see where it is now. Ticxo is a damn legend for making this. It isn't the easiest thing, but if you get the hang of it, you can make some truly gorgeous mobs using this, that you could NEVER do with any other plugin.
Am running about 60 custom models all over 9 worlds on my Survival server. No lag issues, and have only occasionally seen some model part separation on various animations. Overall amazing product given what it does.
Works Great. easy to set up and does not cause much lag at all. only problem is the wiki is a little undeveloped asides for that is a great product .