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Model Engine—Ultimate Entity Model Manager [1.16.5-1.19.3]

Model Engine—Ultimate Entity Model Manager [1.16.5-1.19.3] R3.1.4

Bug Fix:
- Fixed citizens NoClassDef error
- Fixed conmod errors on NetworkUtils & EntityHandler
- Fixed bone ID generating in assets generation phase
- Fixed models froze on death when leaving render distance
- Fixed models not persisting after server restart

- Default animation mode to B
Bug Fix:
- Fixed models not despawning when nearby player is looking at death screen
- Fixed frozen models when entity unloads
- Fixed VFX NPE error
- Fixed body rotation calibration edge cases
- [MM] Fixed placeholder spam NPE error

New Feature:
- Auto atlas generation for 1.19.3 (does not affect previous versions)
- Config option for model import before server is fully initialized
- Config option for asset generation before server is fully initialized
Bug Fix:
- Fixed disguise & undisguise command error
- Fixed idle animation not playing when mob has no AI
- Fixed hitbox error spam again
- Fixed rare "hashmap null" error
- Fixed turtle unable to leave walk state
- Fixed concurrent modification error in ActiveModelImpl
- Fixed jittery body rotation when root pivot is not centered on XZ plane

- Revert reload model task message to R2 format for nostalgia

New Feature:
- Added config option to toggle animation errors
Bug Fix:
- Possible fix for armorStand nulling
- Fixed hitbox error spam when model does not have a hitbox
- Fixed passenger sit pose render issue
- Fixed OBB hitbox not interactible in <1.19
- Fixed hurt tint revert model custom tint to white
- Fixed 1.17 NoClassDef again
- [MM] Fixed Remap model mechanic doing nothing
- [MM] Fixed tint mechanic error when exactMatch is false

New Feature:
- 1.19.3 support (Resource Pack v12 gen WIP)
- Better packet error logs
- [MM] Tint mechanic can set damage tint color
- [MM] LinkItemBone mechanic -> Link an item bone to an equipment slot of the mob so it updates automatically
Bug Fix:
- Fixed unable to riptide with Riptide Trident
- Fixed player collision disabled
- Fixed portal swirl effect not playing
- Fixed 1.17 NoClassDef error
- Fixed model misaligned when first summoned

- Hitbox might be less accurate now
Bug Fix:
- Fixed weird bee movement
- Fixed CMI hologram not interactable
- Fixed occasional NPE
Bug Fix:
- Fixed item model json not cleared on reload
- Fixed bone generation order not preserved
- Fixed "-" not allowed in texture name
- Fixed compatibility with Paper #174
- [MM] Fixed model ID being case sensitive
- [API] Fixed model application within mob spawn consumer

- Implemented basic sanitation to texture names
Bug Fix:
- Fixed disguise not obeying visibility rule
- Fixed weird atan2 behavior
- Fixed death state not holding on last frame when other models have ongoing death animations
- [MM] Fixed NPE of dismount all mechanic
- [MM] Revert state mechanic behavior to force play animation
- [MM] Fixed nametag visibility mechanic alias
- [MM] Fixed force-type controller alias
- [MM] Fixed movement speed not affecting flying speed
- [Citizens] Fixed NPC not using correct hitbox width

- Reimplemented Mode A
- Animation Mode defaults to Mode C
- Minor optimization on network traffic

New Feature:
- Implemented Mode C
- Added NoFaceCube error
- [MM] Toggle State mechanic (thx Ash)
Bug Fix:
- Fixed glitchy faces with Blockbench invisible face
- Fixed texture under default namesapce generating in wrong folder
- Fixed buggy model saving and loading
- Fixed warning when applying models to amphibious creatures (i.e. axolotl)
- Fixed citizens command displaying incorrect hints
- Fixed citizens command error when applying models to despawned NPCs
- Fixed player disguise saved on server shut down
- Fixed disguise command error when missing parameters

- Main hitbox would now use the longest side as width

New Feature:
- [MM] Cycle parts mechanic (thx Ash)
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This update marks the end of R2.
Do not expect any further updates.

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