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Model Engine—Ultimate Entity Model Manager [1.16.5-1.19.2]

Model Engine—Ultimate Entity Model Manager [1.16.5-1.19.2] R3.0.0

Bug Fix:
- Possible fix to rare concurrent modification error when player join/leave server
- Mount armor stand desync with model when in Animation B
- ModelPart targeter throwing null pointer

- Removed Fall and Land default states
- Better error description of Invalid Angle Error
- Mount armor stand would also be packeted

New Feature:
- 1.17 & 1.17.1 support
- Jump default state
- Async model ticking (toggleable)
Bug Fix:
- [MM] Setting state speed in `state` mechanic causes weird animations
- Animation mode B does not work in 1.14 and 1.15
- Down-face texture is inverted
- Plugin just fails when Generate-On-Start is set to false
- Model "fracture" when rotating

- Models now load asynchronously
- Animation mode defaults to mode B
- Revert changes on lerp in frames

New Feature:
- Calibration settings
- [API] source and javadoc!
- Allow submodel of utility bones
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Bug Fix:
- [MM] Removing state with lerp out = 0 causes model to disappear
- [MM] Some AI just stops working
- [MM] Submodel stops working at 2nd application
- [MM] ModelPart targeter is offseted

- Animation mode B is now as smooth as mode A

New Feature:
- [MM] Per-mob animation mode
- Missing texture error
Bug Fix:
- Models with certain hitbox size will cause mobs to spin around (Thank me later Mojang. Your pathfinding code sucks)
- Disguised player keep model when respawn if they click "Respawn" before death animation ends
- Library conflict with other plugins
- Player doesn't swing arm when dropping items


New Feature:
- [MM] Mechanic namespace (add meg: in front of a mechanic to distinguish between other plugins' mechanic)
Bug Fix:
- Error spam when moving to another world while disguised
- Disguise not visible to self after moving to another world
- Multi axis rotation error not thrown when using bbmodel
- Body tilting a little bit when mob is looking at something behind while moving
- Right click detection on MM mobs
- Weird hit detection in Adventure mode

New Feature:
- Massive improvements on ping issues
- Invalid Namespace error
Bug Fix:
- Player retaining disguise even after undisguise and logged out
- Disguise command being wonky in general

- Animations no longer starts lerping out at the last frame. It lerps at the end of an animation
- Looping animation starts at frame 1 after playing once instead of frame 0 (this makes the animation to not stop for 1 frame)
- Walk animation has no lerp in frames

New Feature:
- command arguments to see your disguise (/meg disguise <modelid> true)
Bug Fix:
- [MM] SubModel mechanic cannot add model
- Error restoring models
- Animation throwing null pointers
- Players without permission can use meg commands (lol Im dumb)
Bug Fix:
- Name tag not auto updating
- Models not visible when spawned in bulk
- Weird lines in hitbox mode when using animation mode B
- [BB] Inflate not inflating cube
- [MM] Speed variable in state mechanic not working


New Feature:
- [BB] Smooth interpolation
- Model Disguise
- Model compartment (separate custom model data by a certain number when models are divided by folders. Root folder count as the first compartment)