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Model Engine—Ultimate Entity Model Manager [1.16.5-1.19.2]

Model Engine—Ultimate Entity Model Manager [1.16.5-1.19.2] R3.0.0

Bug Fix:
- Potential fix on this.tracked NPE
- Self-interaction when disguised as a model with sub-hitboxes

New Feature:
- Use other materials (leather chestplate, leggings, boots; tipped arrow; normal/splash/lingering potion)
- [MM] Model render distance
Bug Fix:
- Bone rotation not immediately updated on spawn
- [MM] Petrify mechanic halts on ghost bones
- [Citizens] NPE when applying model to player type npc
- [Citizens] Remove model only remove model visually

- Model id parameter is not necessary in \@ModelPart targeter
- Model id parameter is not necessary in PartVisibility mechanic

New Feature:
- Spawn default state
- MCMeta auto generator (requires external BB plugin)
- Brought back async ticker
- [MM] Advanced sub-hitbox
- [MM] Model Remap
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Bug Fix:
- Hitbox and EyeHeight error not showing in console
- Sub-hitbox not working
- Model become invisible when sub-hitbox is out of render distance
- [MM] SubModel not removing root bones completely

- [Citizens] Adding Model trait to player type NPC would do nothing
Bug Fix:
- NPE when using hand bones
- Possible fix on Citizens NPC not spawning model on server startup
Bug Fix:
- Mounted models jittering
- NPE when `Generate-On-Start` is set to false and `Create-Zip` is set to true
- Right-clicks pass through mobs and affect blocks
- Fixing edge cases on quaternion calculations
- Models not saving and loading correctly on server restart
- [MM] DefaultState mechanic would not add states when the original state is not present
- [MM] Parts hidden with PartVisibility would reappear after changing color/applying enchant glint

- Removed all support on Bedrock Model type
- [MM] `name` attribute in `model` mechanic now takes a string, representing the nametag bone that displays the name
- [MM] `setmodelname` mechanic is replaced with `setmodeltag`. See wiki for usage
- [MM] `setmodelnamevisible` mechanic is replaced with `setmodeltagvisible`. See wiki for usage

New Feature:
- Official 1.18 support. Remove patch jar to use this version.
- Multiple nametags support. Add `tag_` to convert an empty bone into a nametag bone
- Summon model command
- [MM] Step height option in `model` mechanic
- [Citizens] Better Citizens support (happy now?)
- [Experimental] Segmented model support. Add `seg_` to convert the bone into a segmented bone. All animations on segmented bones are currently ignored
It's the same version as before, only you can buy it with stripe now.
Bug Fix:
- Mount error when using 1.16

New Feature:
- Flying_v16 controller (WASD, Look up + Space ascend, Look down + Space descend, Shift dismount)
Bug Fix:
- NPCs mounted on models would not control or move
- Death animations stop prematurely
- Walk animations not playing when mobs strafe

- Minor pack size-reduction

New Feature:
- [BB] Multi-hitbox
- [BB] Multi-mount (driver & passenger(s))
- [MM] ModelHasDriver, ModelHasPassenger, IsDriving and isRiding conditions
- [MM] LastHitbox condition
- [MM] MountedModel, ModelDriver, ModelPassengers targeter
- [MM] PartVisibility mechanic (Hide model without removing the armor stand)
- [MM] ChangeParent mechanic (Change the parent of a bone)
- Flying controller (WASD, Space ascend, Shift(in air) descend, Shift(on ground) dismount)
- Pre-generated pack.png and pack.mcmeta (Will not override)
- Auto resource pack zipping (Toggleable)
- Auto Clear Cache config option for clearing cache folder when server start (does not clear cache when using reload command)
Bug Fix:
- Mounted models not rotating the head correctly
- Turtle doesn't stop walking animation when entering idle
- Stationary model only faces one direction
- [MM] ModelPart targeter throwing error on MM 5.0+

New Feature:
- [MM] lockpitch and lockyaw parameters in model mechanic
- [MM] lockhead mechanic
Bug Fix:
- Possible fix to rare concurrent modification error when player join/leave server
- Mount armor stand desync with model when in Animation B
- ModelPart targeter throwing null pointer

- Removed Fall and Land default states
- Better error description of Invalid Angle Error
- Mount armor stand would also be packeted

New Feature:
- 1.17 & 1.17.1 support
- Jump default state
- Async model ticking (toggleable)