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MMOCore Class Necromancer 1.3

Jhezreel708 Took the time to send me the files updated to the newest MythicLib and MMOCore using the <modifier.damage> placeholders instead of the old <mmocore.skill.Necromancer_ShadowBolt.damage>placeholders.

This version runs on mmocore 1.8.1 and mythiclib 1.1.3 as of the date of this update.

Everyone please say thank you to Jhezreel708 for their help!

Jhezreel708 Updated the bone spear to use an armor stand holding the bone instead of a bulletType=ITEM so that it looks better then the bulletType items spinning on a diagonal slant
I forgot to add mana costs to skills and to the skills lore section. It has been added. These are inside of /plugins/mmocore/skills/mythic-mobs and no other files were changed.
There was a typo that would not stop the skeletal mages water beam from being active when the target was more then 20 blocks away. This has been fixed. This only effected the NecromancerSkills.yml inside of plugins/MythicMobs/skills. that is the only file that needs to be replaced.