What's new
  • Added wither and hunger defaults to the bars.
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Adds the '%mmobars_message%' placeholder. This can be used to place a player's rerouted message anywhere placeholders are supported. This will be blank if a message is not received.
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Smallish update but has some nice features.
  • Added an overfill option which will display if a bar is fuller than it's set maximum.
  • Updated default configs to natively include effects on the bars when a player has wither, absorption, or hunger. Regenerate bars.yml to use them!
This is an example on how to use overfill. It is supported in bar modules only.
      style: 'rounded-gradient'
        full: '#FF1313'
        empty: '#404040'
        full: '#d4af37'
        empty: '#FF1313'
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  • Fixed effect condition not working.
  • Enabled config option now defaults to true if missing.
  • Added Conditions to replace most options. Old options will be automatically converted into the new format. You can view everything about conditions on the wiki here.
  • Absorption health now works as intended.
  • Bar updates should be more consistent when using custom consumables. If the bars update slowly, lower "update-time" in the config.yml.
Hopefully fixes some more rerouting issues that some users were having.
I found the issue with rerouting and fixed it. I will not be speaking further on the matter because I am embarrassed.
Adds null checks.