What's new
Added a warning when not using protocol lib.

Bars should no longer randomly unalign then realign.
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  • Added option in config.yml to set the max for the armor function. (Defaults to 20)
  • Greatly improved vanilla function updating when you are using ProtocolLib. It now works through attribute packet events instead of equip events.
  • Alignment has been improved a bit. The bug


  • Fixed 1.16 rerouting the bars themselves.
  • Fixed icons being shrunk to a weird size.
Added a null check.
  • Fixed PAPI placeholders in displays not updating on their own timer.
  • Added a /mmobars layout [set/reset] [player] [layout-name] command. These will persist on a server restart.
  • Optimized the bar building process through the use of async.
  • Fixed exp-handler not hiding experience on join.
Fixed action bars not rerouting correctly.
  • Fixed food bar not updating issue.
  • Fixed placeholder condition not working correctly.
  • Internal code has been cleaned up.
  • Updated potion effect condition to be more in line with the other conditions.
  • Fixed null pointer exceptions when loading into the server which would freeze the bars in place.
  • Fixed minecraft 1.16 not being able to be enabled due to the api version being set too high.
MMOBars Release Notes
2.0 is finally here and with it comes some essentials improvements and new requirements. This was a big rewrite so many things have changed. I recommend refreshing all of your configs so your upgrade process goes smoothly.
This build is marked as a snapshot so somethings may be buggy. If you have any issues or questions you may ask them on the discord server or open a ticket on the gitlab.


1.16+ Paper Spigot
Latest Mythic Lib Build
Latest version of the default resource pack.

1.17 Support has been added.
Bar effects have been removed.
The bar building process has been optimized to reduce the amount of client lag as well as server lag.
You can now set any message to be blank or [] to prevent it from sending anything.