What's new
- Removed "KazukoHitTick".
- Fixed the main attack of Kazuko not doing damage/not doing the multiple hits a second.

It is seriously advised that you update to this version if you are using MM 5.1.0 (some older versions might be bugged too, not sure though) as the main attack is completely bugged otherwise.

And also I can confirm that everything works 100% fine with 1.19 crucible.
$1 off for the next 3 days!

Possibly some item fixes after the sale ends by the way.
Changelog for update 2.0.3:
- Improved some sounds in the Kazuko Spawn skill.
- Buffed some attacks.
- Fixed some buggy text in the Kazuko phase transition.
- Improved a few skills visually by increasing particle/item amounts by a small but noticeable amount.
- Seriously improved the visuals of dark quake (skill that was added in 2.0)

Also regarding 1.19. The pack should support it as is but if you experience any issues please let me know!
I would not recommend using 1.19 with crucible though because official support for that is yet to come at least from what dev notes say. It might work either way though.

Edit: The title has also been changed to not include the "Update 2.0 released".
General Skill Improvements.

I know this is not detailed but it literally just that.
This is a small update that:
- Improves sound design for
a few select skills.
- Improves visuals for the kazuko
death animation.
- Improves balancing for a few skills.
- Has minor code optimisation to somewhat
help it run on smaller servers.

Just a "minor improvements" update :)
For the people that are in my discord, I said that I was going to do 1.5R18 instead of 2.0.
I ended up doing 2.0. Anyways, this is a pretty major update that includes:
- Some code optimization
- Multiple not very important bug fixes (mainly visual ones)
- Fixed a skill that usually did not work
- Fixed the lag spike with the spawn skill that sometimes occured
- Visual Improvements
- A little bit of mob balancing

And most importantly:
- A brand new Phase 1 skill for Kazuko! (I will upload a quick showcase video in a day or a few)

Edit: I did not upload a video. Maybe at some point I will though.

Also, a small sale will take place for the next 3 days (.50$ off).
Ok I should just name it 1.1.1 at this point.
Anyways. This update includes several item
balancing and convinience changes as well
as visual improvements for said items.

I know this is a small update but it just ties everything in
a little bit nicer on the item side.
So the sale has ended. I plan to do
more sales in the near future.

The fix I talk about in the title is
for the Darkness Warrior armor full set bonus.
Turns out, it was not fixed... My bad! Well now it is! Sorry for the inconvenience!
Now that there are stable versions for the required
plugins, I will test this pack with 1.18.2.

For now use it at your own “risk”.
I will do the testing tomorrow.

Edit: Testing Complete! You do not need to update anything!
Title. I said I was going to do more sales soon
so here you go I guess.

1$ off!