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Elite Creatures Mob Packs **NEW FIRE BOSS PACK**

Elite Creatures Mob Packs **NEW FIRE BOSS PACK** 1.14+

No permission to buy ($20.00)
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1 dollar price in the link is just for redirection to our discord it was the minimum i could have set it doenst represent any payment so dont worry .

Fellow MM users and players! We proudly present you Elite Creatures resource packs! These packs obtain animated models,sounds, skills and obtainable items.Mobs also contain skills connected to mmocore and economy as well if you want to use them . We will cover all types of biomes with our mobpacks in the future so stay with us!

What you get with our packs:
Mobs Spawn System:
Price: Free
You can get our very powerfull system for random spawn which will give you 4 layers of options for managing random spawn .
- Bleeding and Carcass death system
- AI mechanics which haven not been seen anywhere else
- Unique Interactions between mobs and complex food chain
- Mechanics wich control numbers of mobs in check
- Complete Looting system with Custom Items
Items Showcase

Current packs :

Fire Element Pack
Price: 25 $
Price per Model:

Amount of Items: Axe, PickAxe, Shield, Sword, Hoe, Sword, Shovel, Dragon Scales and Molten Core
Amount of mobs: 4
Lava Dragon,Fire Dragon,Lava Jaw,Molten Spirit

Forest creatures Pack:
Price: 20$
Price per Model: 2.5$
Amount of mobs: 8

Bear, brown wolf,Alpha Wolf, stag, doe and squirrel, Feral Hog and Piglet

Taiga/cold biome Pack:
Price: 20$
Price per Model: 2.8$
Amount of mobs: 9

mammoth with mammoth calf, sabrefang cat, white doe, white stag and mountain goat, Weasel, Bison and with calf

Savanna creatures Pack:
Price: 20$
Price per Model: 2.8$
Amount of mobs: 7

Ambient Neutral:Ant Eater, Antelope, Elephant, Rhino
Predators: Hyena, Lion Male and Female

Bird Pack:
Price: 50$ = if you have Forest and Taiga you will receive 20 % discount on Bird Pack
Price per Model: 2.0$

Amount of mobs: 24
Ambient Neutral: Raven Conure Senegal Toucan Pigeon Blue Tit Sparrow Robin
Water Birds: Booby Seagull Kingfisher Duck Swan Land Birds: Capercaillie Gobbler Ostrich Roadrunner Secretary Bird Kiwi
Birds of Prey: Harpy Vulture Bald eagle Eagle
Nocturnal Birds of Prey: Snowy Owl Tawny Owl

Insects Pack:
Price per Model: 1.4$
Price: 25$

Fly Ant/Ant Queen/Ant Hill Moth ButterFly
Torchbug Spider Wasp/Wasp Nest Bee/Beehive
LadyBug Grasshopper Mosquito DragonFly Centipide Scorpion

To get these packs or support go to our discord thanks .

These amazing mobs are creating an ecosystem of hunter and prey.
Bring life to your server with one of our packs now!

Showcase video
Fire Pack

Forest Animals

Taiga Animals

Savanna Animals

Bird Pack


Important informations:
These packs are not done in MODEL ENGINE .
These packs have full support, contact Fortepsai#2504 or Sefreneth#2646 on discord regarding any issues or requests.
Also before reporting any issues make sure to read our legal terms and conditions and readme included in the pack texts folder.
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    ChangeLog: All carcasses got 1 min for despawn and looting system Also change turning for...
  2. Taiga and Forest

    Taiga and Forest added- Carcass system added- Swimming for all animals added- Special attacks...
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    New whole pack Insects Updated Taiga and Forest pack

Latest reviews

Work right out of the box and are advertised as they appear in game, they look great and function great. All have perfectly fitting little animations. Would recommend for any survival or RPG experience.
Thank you, we are doing our best to keep the quallity as high as it is in our capabality .
I love you, here is a photo with my mammoths
A wonderful survival experience on my server after buying these packs, great job and 10/10 support
We are really happy that our packs made its job for you .-) Thank you for your review .-)

These are super easy to install, and DO NOT require ModelEngine, best of all they are super lightweight on the server and will not lower TPS values.

My players love the model animations, the sounds and the mob AI's, It brings a missing element to Minecraft that should have always been a part of the game. If you want your server to be full of life with wonderful looking animals within each biome this is the pack for you!

Each animal / critter uses random spawns folder in MythicMobs and they always spawn in appropriate biomes for what the animal is.

You will be very happy with this pack, and I cant wait for the new ones they are working on to be available for purchase! :)

I would like to point out that updates to the packs with little tweaks to perfect them are released on discord as needed, and the support is amazing through discord, they are always quick to respond, and go above and beyond! A++

Please keep up the amazing work and I cant wait to see the new released packs.

Thank you, this is very lovely review and yes we will continue expanding our packs as well as adding more mobs into the already existing one .
Forte and Sefre :-)
These packs are absolutely gorgeous! perfect addition to any RPG server. Adds a living breathing ecosystem to the game!
Thank you ! We will be working hard for new packs and releasing Birds as soon as we can .
Not worth the asking price.
Thank you for your feedback.