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| Elementals Classes | 100+ Advanced Skills | MMOCore Damage System |

| Elementals Classes | 100+ Advanced Skills | MMOCore Damage System | 1.0.6

Required Dependencies
MMOCore, MythicMobs Premium, MythicLib

Introducing "Elemental Classes"

That offers seven captivating classes that unlock the power of the elements. Master earth, fire, water, air, light, darkness, and ice to become a skilled sorcerer, protector, or explorer in the world of elemental magic.

Have more ideas? Add them, or let me know to include them! It's both simple and advanced, and it works!

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What does the pack contains?

- 7 Different Elemental Classes
( Air, Earth, Water, Fire, Dark, Light, Ice )
- 100+ Skills
( 5 advanced skills per elemental )
- Pre-made GUI Class Selection
- Skills Name & Description
- Custom MMO Damage system
- Custom mana per elemental
- Custom modifiers that supports skills
- Different Attributes in all classes
- Skillbuffs
- EXP Curve File

(Goes to lvl 50)
- Ally Support

More will be added in the future.

Class Showcase


How to install:
Drag and drop the content from "Class Pack" to the "PLUGINS" folder and click yes to REPLACE files.
You need to either restart or reload plugins.
/mythiclib reload
/mmocore reload
/mm reload

Paper ➢ 1.20.2 #292+
MythicMobs Premium ➢ #5.4.0+
MMOCore ➢ Latest
MythicLib ➢ Latest

( If you are using the free version, most features does not work )

MythicMobs Premium

Known issues:
- Basic pre-made modifiers as damage, cooldown, mana etc does not work with skillbuffs (will add when fixed)

Digital product
License Duration
14.49 USD
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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