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Crucible - Create Unbelievable Mythic Items!

Crucible - Create Unbelievable Mythic Items! v0.0.1

I know this plugin is in EARLY beta, but I really can’t recommend it. It doesn’t have many of the features that were originally in artifacts, which kind of defeats the point of crucible. Although I bought artifacts before this released, I think that this is a worse product in multiple ways. Not worth the ridiculous 20 bucks just so you can add skills to items. If you really want that, then go ahead and buy MMOItems. I really think that this should be more involved in MMOItems anyways, as most servers use that as their actual item system. Update the plugin, add proper compatibility to other MythicCraft plugins, and I will change my rating.
I know it's obvious seeing as it's literally v0.0.1, but it does cost like 20 bucks, so for anyone thinking of getting it, heres some pros and cons:

- if you JUST want an item that can use MM skills with some extra conditions and triggers, then yes, this works perfectly
- no setup, no config, just plug and play

- Permissions don't work
- KeepOnDeath doesn't work
- It's missing extremely important features such as a durability system
- Docs are incomplete, and some of the things mentioned in the wiki aren't actually implemented yet (like permissions)

Basically, aside from adding skills to items for players to use, there's hardly any functionality yet. Will it be worth $20 in the future when it's done? FOR SURE. Is it worth $20 now? Not at all.
If i wouldnt know artefacts i wouldnt be even able to use this plugin because there is no documentation so you cant really use this plugin unless you just want basic skills which are MM not mechanics from crucible .
Crucible as of now feels like demo version of Artefacts where you even had durrability system which you no longer have .
Considering how long time ago this was released and yet there is still no documentation, i cant really give more than 2 stars, once there is doc filled i will change my review .
Not a single update in months, do not waste your money on abandoned resource.
Not worth your time or money. The durability system is not working at all. I've re-downloaded everything and made sure that I had the correct file, but upon testing, no durability went down, despite me following all directions on the wiki. Waste of $15.
Been using this for a few weeks now in pairing with mmoitems and mmocore and Personally Havent had any issued. Thank you Mythic Craft for this resource. I definately like it compared to Artifacts
Unlocks the full mythicmobs scripting engine with even more triggers to use on items! Im sold
I really like the plugin and the functionality it has, the bad thing is that there is not much documentation or much activity in its development
Finally version 1.0.1! so much time has passed
Give the full skill making / scripting functionality that mythic mobs has for its mobs, to players through items. Mixing this with a plugin such as mmocore leads to some amazing possibilities. I personally love being able to use all of the mythic mobs triggers in the skills, the biggest being ~onTimer. It adds alot of functionality to add guns, allows you to completely change how fishing works, and much more. It is a great plugin.