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| 75+ Custom Mobs | Region Mobs | 4 Bosses | 400+ Skills | 6 Healthbars | 100+ Items | 10+ Drops |

| 75+ Custom Mobs | Region Mobs | 4 Bosses | 400+ Skills | 6 Healthbars | 100+ Items | 10+ Drops | 2.2.4

- The Eye's "sendTitle" hotfix, needed subtitle to be included
- The Eye's aura will now no longer be enabled when using HEALING skill
custom mobs newest compressed.png
- Tested with MythicMobs Premium Dev #4833
- Tested with Paper #308

- Total Re-work of "The Eye" boss
- New minions (The Eye Exploder, The Eye Turret, The Eye Fighter, The Eye Tornado)
- New OnSpawn and OnDeath skills
- New Items (Randomized Stats, none items are the same)
- Merged some files together
- In General new skills
- New Head Skins
- New Aura Skill
- New Attacking Skills

- Changed "Region" folder to "Region & Healthbar Examples"
- Added a "Despawning" skill as an example in "Region & Healthbar Examples" folder
- Moved Gorgon Heads into it's own file
- Gorgon's Head skin has been changed & fixed
- Gorgon's potion particles has been made invisible
- Knight's potion particles has been made invisible
- Tharkon's potion particles has been made invisible
custom mobs newest compressed.png
- It is recommended to remove existing files before updating
- Splitted Mobs into more files
- Splitted Skills into more files
- Removed "conditions" from TierI-V DropTables
- Simplified "Zombie Ninja" skills
- Fixed "Lucky Villager" speak Yoffset
- Lifewisp Guardian now shoot projectiles to heal other entities, however it only targets entities in a view angle of 90 infront of it
- Changed Shadow Caster to be a mini-boss
- Removed "cooldown" from mobs using "REPLACE" in randomspawns, that fixed the custom mob spawning problem
- Zombie Exploder will now target players and entities

custom mobs newest compressed.png
Deleting old packages is a necessity.
- Fixed small issues with files
- Fixed other small fixes
custom mobs newest compressed.png
- MythicMobs gradient was broken on items, you'll need premium and use Dev build #4780+ for it to work
- The Eye Items files names has been changed (remember to delete old files)
- Tharkon mob file name has been changed (remember to delete old file)
- Re-work of DropTableItems, some didn't even work
- Re-work of all boss items, new droptables, and randomized attributes and enchantments from bosses (more stable, more balanced)
- Re-work of Sam The Snowman's skills, now Sam got a skill called "SNOW_SINGLESHOT" and "SNOW_TRIPPLESHOOTER", and if Sam is lower than 25 HP it will activate "SNOW_TRIPPLESHOOTER"
- Items from DroptableItems may drop without more enchantments now
- Items from DroptableItems got new names
- Items from DroptableItems can now have negative attributes
- Added a new mob "LIFEWISP_SNIFFER", only spawns in cherry grove and will heal nearby entities (only players and animals)
- Added Tharkon items, so when it dies it will drop specific Tharkon items
- Added a new mob "SHADOW_CASTER" mob with 3 main skills + some sub skills, only spawns in nether
- Fixed "RANCIE_PIG", wrong mobtype
- Fixed "Hologram" healthbar
- Removed "Healthbar" file in region folder and added those skills directly to the healthbar mobs, easier example
- Removed "# - skill{s=Healthbar} ~onDamaged 1.0" from all mobs, however you can still find examples in "Region" folder
- Removed "ZOMBIE_HORDE_SPAWN_IN_LAVA" skill from Zombie Horde Mobs
- Removed "BOSSDROPS" and made new personalized drops for every bosses
- Small tweaks to Zombie Horde summoning
- Small "ZOMBIE_HORDE" mistake has been fixed
- Small tweaks to "ZOMBIE_RUNNER" skill
- All drops has been adjusted and "PreventOtherDrops: true" has been removed from some of the mobs
- Sam The Snowman got a better effect when walking around
- Every mob now got added a higher droptable but with a lower chance of dropping, so there will be 2 droptables per mob
custom mobs newest compressed.png
- Tested with MythicMobs 5.4.0
- Re-work of Zombie Bleeding effect, it was absolutely broken
- Re-work of Zombie Explosion effect
- Increased Crystals sound volume

custom mobs newest compressed.png
- Knight Clan could drop Knight's Boss items, this has been fixed
custom mobs newest compressed.png
- Alpha Wolf will no longer spawn close to another Alpha Wolf
- Alpha Wolf will no longer spawn too many Alpha Wolf Babies
- Added new angry particle to Alpha Wolf
- Changed Alien's mob, and added POISON to damage
- Added a new Creeper "CREEPER_BIGBOOMER", got a radius of 12 it can break however it got a higher fusetick

custom mobs newest compressed.png
- Added a new skill to Archer "ARCHER_PROJECTILE" that show you how to use the DISPLAY bullettype
- Gorgon's Axe Throwing got small changes and fixes
- Removed TargetCondition "IsMonster" from Sniper & Archer (I throught it was Sniper and Archer throwing errors, but I don't think it was because it's working now without problems)
- Fixed Lucky Villagers speak mechanic Yoffset

custom mobs newest compressed.png
- Tested with Paper #144
- Tested with MythicMobs Dev #4685
- Tested with MythicMobs Free Version
- Added a moving condition to Crystals moving - Whenever you crouched and got close to a Crystal, and un-crouched, the Crystal would teleport away
- Zombie Ninja skill has been changed
- Water Creature sound volume has been decreased a bit
- Added a new skill to Water Creature named "WATER_CREATURE_MOVE", so yea it does move towards you now
- Hardcore Pillager got small skill change
- Fixed 2 damage types missed a targeter for Hardcore Pillager
- Lucky Villager skill names has been changed so it's easier to understand
- Lucky Villager skill text and more has been changed (text message, stances, names)
- Lucky Villager has been splitted up so it fits every biome with the type, example "SNOW" types only spawns in snow biomes
- Decreased spawning chance of Mother of Phantoms
- Added a new displayname to Mother of Phantom
- Added "gotoparent" to Zombie Horde
- Changed cooldown on all randomspawns
- Added a new mob "Aggressive Strider", just a Strider there's aggressive, faster and only spawns on lava like the others, however it can also shoot you if it's on lava
- Changed some potion items, fixed them and added some lingerie potions
- Added "Speak" mechanic to Lucky Villagers, but if you don't want it, you can just remove the speak mechanics and re-enable message mechanics
- Fixed Lucky Villager could walk towards the player again after fleeing
- Changed Mob Heads Text color to white, it was yellow
- Added all pottery sheard to DropTable IV
- Added all armor trim smithing template to DropTable V
- Added a new DropTable called "BossDrops", that all bosses got, also minibosses

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