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| 50+ Custom Mobs | Region Mobs | 3 Bosses | 150+ Skills | Healthbar | 50+ Items | 10+ Drops |

| 50+ Custom Mobs | Region Mobs | 3 Bosses | 150+ Skills | Healthbar | 50+ Items | 10+ Drops | 1.8

- Added remove minions on death to "Gorgon" Boss
- Changed "Freeze" potion effect in Gorgon's "Combat" skill to "Wither" potion effect
- Added a new skill to "Gorgon" called "Throw_Then_Axe_Throw", will throw you then throw Axe
- Gorgon's "OnSpawn" skill has been fixed, Totems will now damage players correctly
- Small text mistakes in "Knight Boss" has been fixed
- Changed so "InvisibleSpider" spawns only under Y Level 50, makes it scarier
- Other small fixes
- All bosses got a new EXP system, instead of giving one player exp that kills the boss, it'll give all players in a radius of 50 with "command{c="execute run xp add @p 1000 levels"} @PlayersInRadius{r=50} ~onDeath 1", it'll give 1000 levels and it's better to use, that's what I think
- Added "PreventJockeyMounts: true" and "PreventTransformation: true" as an option to all zombie mobs
- Gorgon will now only teleport to player if it hit with the axe
- Gorgon should be more stable
- Added a new zombie called "ZOMBIE_SCRAMBLER" that'll only go to nearby items dropped on the floor and throw them away, just like dolphins
- Added a new "ZOMBIE_SCRAMBLER" head
- All zombies got their zombie heads equipped
- Added "ZOMBIE STUNNER" to randomspawns
- Added "ZOMBIE SCRAMBLER" to randomspawns
- After so many test I've finally found a solution to limit region mobs spawning, example do you want to spawn 20 mobs in a region? Then, now there's an example for that. Look into "Region" folder and find "Region Mobs Spawn.yml" file to see how to do it

- Some conditions was "targetwithin" they are now changed to "playerwithin" in skills
- Added a "packinfo.yml" file into packs (can be used as an condition)
- Added a new random spawn in "Region Mobs Spawn.yml" that's based on floorlevel + worldguard region
- Added Invisible Enderman in World The End (creepy)
- Added Invisible Enderman Head
- Added new skill to "Hardcore Pillager" (PILLAGER_GRIP)
- Added a new Zombie mob type called "Zombie Stunner" when it dies it stuns nearby mobs

- Tested with latest version of Paper 1.19.4 #527
- Tested with Free MythicMobs-5.2.6
- Tested with latest version of Premium MythicMobsPremium-5.3.0 SNAPSHOT #4476
- "Enderman Teleporter" got a re-work (New skills mostly)
- "Enderman Teleporter's Minion" got a small re-work
- "Hardcore Pillager" now got more effects when hitting and changed some of its skills
- Changed Zombie Bleeding Skill playerwithin range from 1 to 2
- "Zombie Thrower" will throw you away when you are being attacked by it and you are in a range of 3
- "Zombie Jumper" got a re-make of skills, it seems that it didn't even work... Soooo old config (Fixed now)
- "Skilled Zombie's" skill "SKILLED_PULL_ATTACK" has been changed to "SKILLED_POTION_ATTACK" and throws potions now
- Removed "- targetinlineofsight true" in every skill, did nothing good anyways
- Fixed "Zombie Thrower" and "Zombie Stealth" randomspawning mistake
- Fixed "CREEPER_BLUFF" randomspawning
- Fixed "SAM_THE_SNOWMAN" randomspawning
- Changed "End Witch" spawn chance
- Added random names to all zombie & creeper mobs for now (new skill called "Names" with hex coloring and it's easy to add more names)
- Fixed some damage modifiers

Finally I can update this! Sorry for the delay and confusion about Gorgon, but Mythicccraft's anti-spam did stop me from updating. Now, it's here, newest update!

A whole new boss called "Górgon" has arrived and is insane. (It's in alpha state)
What does it include?
- Mobs
- Skills
- Drops
- Items
- More fixed

- Quick fix "slime" drop has been changed to "Slime_ball"
- Completely re-work of "Bomber" bomb
- Removed "BomberDummy"
- Added a new Totem skill to Bomber (much more userfriendly)

- Added a new DropTable Items file
- Added a bunch of items
- Added armor and swords with randomized attributes
- Added Heads to all mobs
- Fully added droptables, heads, exp and more items to every mob
- Added head equipment to some mobs

- Changed "Knight Leader" mount to Ravager mob
- Added a new damage skill to Ravager mount
- Changed "Healthbar" skill file, now it only shows healthbar skills
- Added a new file called "Healthbar Mobs" inside Region folder that shows how to use different kinds of healthbar
- Fixed a broken actionbar healthbar example
- New showcase of Healthbars on homepage
- Added Frog Type to "Poison Frog"
- Moved "CreeperBluff" skill to a new skill file instead of under the mobs skill section
- Now "Ore Creeper" support Lands, haven't tested with other griefprevention plugins
- Added more ore's to "Ore Creeper"
- If "Ore Creeper" is near a claim it will remove itself
- Changed "Angry Bee" skills

- Tornado randomspawn chance was way to high, it's now decreased
- "Sniper" mob got a re-work and items got changed
- Completely removed displayname on Knight Mount
- Removed "Sniper" spell skill
- Added a new skill to "Sniper" called Arrow Rain
- Added "PositionType" to all spawned mobs through spawning points
- Stealthzombie got a new sound instead of zombie sound
- Added a new "Poison Frog" mob with 2 new skills (Leap Attack and Poison Spit)
- Poison Frog only spawns in Mangrove Svamp
- Changed ExplosiveZombie explosion on death (Also added knockback effect)
- Moved some skills so it matches the mob file

- Added Death effects to "The Eye" boss
- Added hex coloring to "The Eye" items
- Changed some drops in "The Eye" droptables
- Changed "The Eye" skill ( Stun )
- Changed "The Eye" skill ( Spawn )
- Changed "The Eye" skill ( Summon )
- Added a Tornado that spawns in the desert